Hidden Island Support Bracket

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Counter supports for extended granite or heavy countertop overhang; the Hidden Island Support Bracket is used when there is no knee wall or pony wall. The perfect concealed steel support for countertop overhang for a kitchen island or breakfast bar.

This bracket is designed to attach to the inside of the front wall of the cabinet and will extend through the cabinet.

Dimensions of the Hidden Island Support Bracket:

Length... [you choose]

Width.... 2-1/2 inches

Thickness.... 1/2 inch

How to Determine What Size Bracket?

The bracket will be mounted to the inside of the cabinet. Start by measuring your cabinet from the inside front wall (where the doors are) to the opposite side of the cabinet (for our example, we are saying this measurement is 22 inches). Next, take your measurement you just did (22 inches) and add the inches of the overhang of the countertop (for example, 15 inches), then minus 3 inches (to stay away from the outer edge of the countertop). This example would give you a total of 34 inches (22 +15 - 3= 34) - you would then need to order a 34-inch Hidden Island Support Bracket.

Hidden Island Support Bracket Features:

  • Hardware Included.
  • Virtually invisible giving your Island the appearance of floating.
  • Non-intrusive. No corbels needed. No knee-knocking.
  • The flange is welded onto the support bracket.
  • An economical way to protect your countertop investment.
  • Completely open space allowing room for chairs and legs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Made of ½ inch thick by 2 ½ inches wide Solid American steel.
  • Bracket end has a beveled edge for safety.
  • Screw hole on each side of the flange.
  • Black.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The package is (1) bracket.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty** 
  • All of our Aluminum brackets are painted with a double coat of rust inhibitor black paint. 
  • Free Ground Shipping To The Lower 48 and Canada!

Helpful Information and Downloads:

  • When will my order ship once the order is placed? [Information can be found here on when your order will ship.]
  • How many brackets do I need? [We recommend spacing your brackets 16-20 inches apart.] The Installation Guide can be further help. 
  • Most common FAQ

Although we have standard sizes, we can manufacture special order brackets with specifications to your request.

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