The Original Floating Shower Bench Kit­™ with Orange XPS Waterproof Board & Original Shower Bench Bracket®

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Experience the Luxury of Customization with Our Floating Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi

Welcome to our latest innovation – The Original Floating Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®- Kerdi. Redefine your shower space with a bench that suits your unique style and preferences. Our kit, designed for easy installation and complete customization, is the key to elevating your shower experience.

Schluter®-Kerdi Board: Your Canvas for a Customized Floating Shower Bench

Crafted with Schluter®-Kerdi Board, a waterproof panel, our kit offers a canvas for your creativity. Easily cut and customize the Kerdi Board to achieve the perfect bench size for your shower oasis.

Our kit comes with our Original Shower Bench Brackets, providing the sturdy support you need for your shower bench project. These brackets, known for their strength and durability, can accommodate up to an impressive 320 pounds per bracket when installed properly, ensuring both reliability and beauty in your shower space.

Versatile Length Options for Your Unique Space

Choose the length that fits your shower space seamlessly – 24", 36", 48", 60", 72", or 84". The versatility in length options allows you to tailor your bench to your specific project requirements. Bench length is customizable and can be trimmed onsite with a circular saw.

Recommended for Standard Bathroom Remodels

For those embarking on standard bathroom remodels, our 24" bench is the ideal choice. Transform old tubs into modern standing showers, and add a functional and stylish bench to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Accessible and Functional: A Shower Bench for Everyone

Our benches are great for individuals that may have limited mobility or anyone who prefers the comfort of sitting during their shower routine. The customization options cater to various needs, ensuring a shower bench that suits you.

Product Dimensions:

  • Schluter®-Kerdi Board
    • Depth 10.25" or 12" or 14"
    • Length options: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" or 84"
    • Total Width: 4"
  • The Original Shower Bench Bracket®
    • Quantity varies based on the chosen length, supporting up to 640 pounds.

Exceptional Features:

  • Complete customization with Schluter®-Kerdi Board
  • Sturdy support with (2) The Original Shower Bench Bracket
  • Versatile length options for tailored projects
  • American-made product
  • Kit includes all necessary components for easy installation

Get Started on Your Shower Transformation Today

Dive into the details with our spec sheet and our instructions for the Original Floating Shower Bench Kit. For custom sizes, our dedicated sales team at 888-584-1112 Ext 1 is ready to assist.

For more detailed instructions on waterproofing your Original Floating Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi click here

For more instructions regarding your Schluter® products, check out their video playlist here.

Turn your dream shower into reality with The Original Floating Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi – where customization meets functionality and luxury blends seamlessly with design.

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