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Introducing Schluter®-Ditra-Heating System: Your Ultimate Comfort Solution

Elevate your home with the revolutionary the Schluter®-Ditra-Heating System, an electric floor warming system featuring Integrated Uncoupling Technology. Designed to bring comfort and luxury to your daily routine, our heated flooring system ensures cozy, warm floors that greet you every morning.

Key Features:

  • Electric floor warming system with Integrated Uncoupling Technology
  • Available in cable options from 11 to 64 square feet
  • Choose between a regular programmable touchscreen thermostat or upgrade to a smart thermostat for advanced control
  • Smart thermostat features include app control, geofencing, and energy-saving modes
  • Sound control feature minimizes noise transmission for a quieter environment
  • Thermal break in the floor neutralizes movement stresses, reducing the risk of cracking and delamination
  • Waterproof design protects against moisture penetration
  • Vapor management system effectively manages moisture beneath tile coverings
  • Supports load distribution without sacrificing point load capabilities

Experience Comfort Like Never Before:

Imagine waking up on a chilly morning and stepping onto cold, hard floors. Now, envision a different scenario – a warm, inviting embrace from your floors as you begin your day. That's the difference our heating system makes in your home.

Picture Sarah, a busy professional with a demanding schedule. Despite her hectic routine, she cherishes her moments at home, especially when she steps into her bathroom each morning. With The Original Schluter®-Ditra-Heating System installed, Sarah's bathroom becomes her sanctuary, offering warmth and comfort that rejuvenates her spirit before facing the day ahead.

This dream can become a reality with The Schluter®-Ditra-Heating System, this dream can become a reality. Our innovative technology allows for seamless integration into your bathroom project. The geometric configuration allows for a thermal break and reinforced sound control. Regardless of what floor you are on those below you won’t be disturbed.

These not only allow for practical day-to-day improvements, but they will also ensure the longevity of your product.

Customize Your Bathroom Experience:

With cable options ranging from 11 to 64 square feet, you can tailor your heated flooring to fit any room in your home. Choose between our regular programmable touchscreen thermostat for convenient control or upgrade to the smart thermostat for advanced features like app control and geofencing. 

Protect Your Investment:

Our heated flooring system not only provides comfort but also ensures the longevity of your floors. The integrated uncoupling technology prevents cracking and delamination, while the waterproof and vapor management features protect against moisture damage.

Always keep safety in mind. The Schluter®-Ditra heated flooring system needs to be a minimum of 7” from the centerline of your toilet drain.

Transform your home into a haven of comfort and luxury with The Schluter®-Ditra-Heating System. Say goodbye to cold floors and hello to warmth and relaxation with every step you take.

Have questions or need clarification on anything? Our dedicated sales team at 888-584-1112 are ready to assist.

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