The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit™ with Wedi®

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Introducing the NEW The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit­® with Wedi - Original Shower Bench Bracket™

Elevate your shower experience to new heights with our latest innovation – The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit® with Wedi Building Boards. Designed for those seeking luxury and customization, this kit offers the perfect solution to redefine your shower space with style and functionality.

Wedi Building Boards: Your Canvas for Customization

Unlock your creativity with Wedi Building Boards, featuring a blue core made from CFC-free extruded polystyrene rigid foam. These waterproof boards provide an ideal foundation for plaster and tile applications, allowing you to effortlessly customize your shower bench to suit your unique style.

Paired with our  Original Granite Bracket™ Wall Cleats, these sturdy supports ensure your corner bench is not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and durable. With each bracket capable of supporting up to an impressive 410 pounds when installed properly, you can trust in both the reliability and beauty of your shower space.

Versatile Length Options for Tailored Projects

Choose either an 18” x 18”, 24” x 24”, or 32" x 32" to perfectly fit your shower space. If you need help choosing the size you need or have any questions. Reach out to pur wonderful customer support team by phone at 888-584-1112 or email

A Floating Corner Shower Bench for Everyone

Anyone who prefers the comfort of a seated shower experience. Customization options ensure a bench that suits your needs, providing both convenience and comfort.

Exceptional Features:

  • Complete customization with Wedi Building Boards
  • Sturdy support with (2) Original Granite Bracket™ Wall Cleats
  • Versatile size options for tailored projects
  • American-made product
  • Kit includes all necessary components for easy installation

Turn Your Dream Shower into Reality

Experience the perfect blend of customization, functionality, and luxury with The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit® with Wedi Building Boards. Transform your shower into a space where design meets innovation and luxury meets practicality.

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