The Original Heavy-Duty Utility Bracket

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Our Heavy Duty Utility Bracket gives you versatility like you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re trying to declutter your garage by hanging a floating shelf or have a need to store lumber, garden tools, or various other work materials, our utility brackets have your back.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re working out of your garage but you can’t find anything? Maybe your DIY Garage Shelf project has turned into a DIY nightmare because the materials available to you aren’t quite what you need. The Original Granite Bracket’s Heavy Duty Utility Brackets are the solution to your problems.

Heavy Duty Utility Brackets can easily become your Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets or your Garage Wall Shelf Bracket and so much more. The opportunities are unlimited when it comes to our latest utility bracket.

When you require a bracket that you can trust, always go with The Original Granite Bracket.


Supports 600lbs per bracket!

Get a closer look at our Heavy Duty Utility Bracket with our detailed spec sheet.

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