The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit™ with Orange XPS Waterproof Board

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Craft Your Dream Shower Space: Unveiling the Original Floating Corner Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi

Introducing the pinnacle of shower bench innovation - The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi! Elevate your bathroom experience with a customizable and easy-to-install solution that seamlessly integrates into your shower design.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, this Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit is a testament to luxury, durability, and versatility. Crafted with Schluter®-Kerdi Board, a waterproof and vapor-resistant panel, this kit allows you to create the space you desire without compromising on quality or strength.

Key Features:

  • American Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the USA, our Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit reflects the highest standards of quality, ensuring a product that stands the test of time.
  • Effortless Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with included Original Granite Bracket™ Wall Cleats and comprehensive instructions, making your bathroom project a breeze.
  • Robust Support: The kit comes complete with two Schluter® Kerdi-Board panels, Kerdi-Band®, Kerdi-Fix®, and two Original Granite Bracket™ Wall Cleats, providing robust support capable of handling up to 640 pounds.
  • Aluminum Brackets: Note that the brackets come in an elegant aluminum color, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your bathroom.
  • Dimensions for Every Space: Choose from our 18" or 24" kit dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for showers of varying sizes and layouts.
  • Free Ground Shipping: Benefit from free ground shipping to the Lower 48 and Canada, making the acquisition of this premium product even more appealing.

Explore Endless Possibilities:

Visit our Spec Sheet for detailed product specifications and Installation Instructions to guide you through the setup process.

Need more information on how to waterproof your Original Floating Corner Shower Shelf? Click here for a detailed video.

Wanting additional information and educational videos? Explore Schluter's educational video library by clicking here. They are a great resource for providing valuable insights into optimizing your shower space.

Transform your shower into a sanctuary of style and functionality with The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit with Schluter®-Kerdi – where innovation meets elegance. Order now and experience the epitome of American-made excellence from our company to your home! 

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