Industrial 1 inch Free Hanging Shelf Bracket®

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**PLEASE NOTE: This bracket is designed for countertops and shelves ranging from 18 inches to 26 inches, and the preferred bracket for ALL shower benches**

**The installation process for the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket® is the same as the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket, you will just be cutting a one(1) inch thick slot out of the drywall instead of a half(1/2) inch thick slot when installing drywall over the bracket.**

Floating shelves, floating bathroom vanity, floating mantel or hearth, floating desk, floating shower seat/bench, all are supported by the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket®This bracket is the perfect concealed support bracket for supporting a floating bathroom vanity or floating shelf. Made from Industrial Ribbed Aluminum, this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This bracket is made to mount directly to the 2x4 wood studs inside your wall before the sheetrock goes up (If studs are metal, watch the video below before installing the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket) the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket® must be mounted into wood studs to support the weight of the shelf, etc. We recommend hitting each of your 2x4 studs for maximum protection.

**PLEASE NOTE: This bracket is designed for overhangs ranging from 18 inches to 26 inches**

**The installation process for the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket® is the same as the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket, you will just be cutting a one(1) inch thick slot out of the drywall instead of half(1/2) thick slot when installing drywall over the bracket.**


By mounting above, as well as below the horizontal piece, this prevents any type of twisting of the horizontal piece. After the bracket is mounted cover the wall with the finished board of your choice. 


How to Determine the Size Bracket You Will Need:

When measuring for length remember the horizontal piece is measured tip to tip. Remember to also include the part of the brace that will be inside of the wall [usually about 3 inches]. For example, if you have a 24 inch vanity, you would order a 24 inch bracket since 3 inches will be inside the wall, leaving you with 21 inches sticking out of the wall and a 3 inch overhang to place your vanity on.


See our installation guide for the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket® for more info before you order.


Length.... [choose in listing] This is the total length of the horizontal piece of the bracket from tip to tip. [Remember that approximately 3 inches will be inside the wall]

Width.... 2-1/2 inches

Thickness.... 1 inch

Dimensions of the Vertical Tang:

Vertical Length.... 11 inches [5.25 inches above horizontal piece and 5.25 inches below horizontal piece]

Width.... 2-1/2 inches

Thickness.... 1/4 inch

Hole Dimensions.... 1/4 inch [3 holes above horizontal piece and 3 holes below horizontal piece]

Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket Features:

  • Hardware Included
  • Made from Industrial Ribbed Aluminum Material.
  • Floating Shower Seat/Bench (We recommend using the Aluminum Bracket, Will Never Rust).
  • Virtually invisible, gives your shelf, countertop, desk, bathroom vanity or fireplace mantel the appearance of floating.
  • Aluminum Bracket is perfect for exterior applications.
  • The perfect countertop overhang bracket.
  • Easy to install.
  • Screw holes are on top and bottom of the vertical piece.
  • Welded for solid strength.
  • Made of 1-inch-thick by 2 1/2-inch-wide American Ribbed Industrial Aluminum.
  • Painted with a matte black finish.
  • The bracket may be painted with anti-rust spray paint.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The package is (1) bracket.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty**
  • All of our Industrial Aluminum brackets are painted with a double coat of rust inhibitor black paint. 
  • Free Ground Shipping To The Lower 48 and Canada!

Helpful Information and Downloads:

  • When will my order ship once the order is placed? [Information can be found here on when your order will ship.]
  • How many brackets do I need? [We recommend spacing your brackets 16-20 inches apart.] The Installation Guide can be further help.
  • Most common FAQ

Although we have standard sizes, we can manufacture special order brackets with specifications to your request.

Have questions? Give us a call 888-584-1112

*Orders with brackets totaling over 20 brackets please read shipping info for lead time.