Choosing American-Made

Choosing American-Made

The Original Granite Bracket is proudly an American-made company. This means you can feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction when you purchase from us.  The industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years due to globalization which is how trade and technology have made the world a more connected and therefore interdependent place. Robert Z. Lawrence, Professor of International Trade and Investments at Harvard Kennedy School says, “products are no longer made in one country and sold in another, but rather made in the world.” For example, Ford’s most ‘American-made’ and iconically ‘domestic’ model is only 56% US/Canadian because there are so many imported aspects and parts. There is a difference between “Made in America” and “Assembled in America.” The Original Granite Bracket is proud that we are both! Our country is based on the notion that buying domestically is important and patriotic. George Washington made sure to wear only “homespun” fabric, not imported from England, to his 1789 inauguration. After WW2, soldiers came home to a very different America than the one they left years earlier. Because of rallying on the homefront and a renewed sense of American pride, US consumerism was at an all-time high. But with the cost of goods and services higher than ever, buyers are turning to a cheaper option. So, why is it so important to buy from an American-made company like ours and does it really affect you?


Products in the United States are subjected to more rigorous regulatory and safety standards. This guarantees the quality of the product. Toys that are shipped to the States from other countries are riddled with lead. Fast Fashion that is imported will fall apart after one wash. But when you purchase from America, you are protected by Consumer Protection Laws which were made to protect consumers from fraudulent business practices, defective products, and dangerous goods and services. This creates a reliable market economy and sets a higher standard for sellers. When you buy from an American-made company like The Original Granite Bracket you can be motivated by both patriotism, as well as the commitment to standards. 


When you purchase from an American-made company, it contributes significantly to our country’s economy. There is a huge US trade deficit which leads to massive and unstable borrowing from other countries–furthering our national debt. A trade deficit is when we import more than we export which causes instability. It also creates and promotes jobs because typically, once a job moves abroad, it very rarely returns. Purchasing products from the US positively affects supply and demand. By increasing the demand for American-made goods, you pressure companies to keep manufacturing in The States, ensuring a prosperous economy for future generations. 


Purchasing from abroad, you take many ethical risks. The United States has some of the most stringent labor laws globally, so you know they are made under humane working conditions. This includes fair wages, working hours, compliance with safety regulations, and fair trade practices. Buying products that are produced in the US reduces your carbon footprint and reduces emissions needed to transport goods. Whether they are traveling by truck, train, plane, or boat, the long journey burns nonrenewable resources.

When you make the conscious decision to purchase your products from an American-made company like The Original Granite Bracket, you support generations of skill, passion, and expertise which are the foundation of today’s manufacturers. You choose quality, economy, and ethics. Prioritizing American products means prioritizing American business which means prioritizing American people.  

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