How to Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Edge Profile

How to Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Edge Profile

There is more to just choosing which slab you want for your kitchen countertops. One of those choices is what profile edge to choose. Stone countertops are beautiful but the edge you choose for them is the crown jewel. There are many different countertop edges you can choose from for your kitchen countertops. 

And even though choosing your countertop edge is a personal preference, it is more than just picking an edge for beauty. The edge you choose can have a big impact on cleaning, liquid spills, picking up crumbs and other daily chores. 

When it comes to countertop edges we have to admit we are not the experts, but we do know a lot of them. We have proven professionals whom we have been honored to work with. Those who know the importance of protecting those precious countertops and countertop edges with our Hidden Granite Countertop Support Brackets.

Our Hidden Island Support Bracket

But today we want to give you one of the experts on countertop edges from "Granite and Marble Specialists" and their professional tips on how to choose your edge profile. See what they have to say here

So what is your edge? No matter the choice you can be assured it will bring beauty to your kitchen. 

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