New Year, New Kitchen, New You! All the Latest Tech Kitchen Upgrades

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Are you looking to bring the latest technology into your 2022 dream kitchen? We have found some of the latest in modern kitchen technology.

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This year there is a trend in everything but a regular oven. Last year the air fryer was all the rave, and this year we present the Brava Steam Oven. This countertop device uses steam to bake, broil, and steam (obviously) all your favorite recipes. The device is touchscreen enabled and connects to an application on your cell phone. This steam oven prides itself on “cooking with light”. It does this with sets of computer-controlled halogen lamps heating from above and below, allowing you to cook different kinds of food with different amounts of heat on the same cooking tray. One con is the Brava does take up a good chunk of countertop space. This might be a great addition if you are looking to renovate your kitchen and extend your countertop, or if you have plenty of free countertop space. 

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Amazon has been producing some advanced home technology over the past decade. This year they have outdone themselves with a new microwave controlled by voice through the Amazon Alexa device called the Amazon Smart Oven. The hands-free design allows users to further interconnect their homes with a voice-controlled 4-in-1 appliance. This smart oven brings together a conventional oven, microwave, air fryer, and has a “keep warm” setting. This microwave is recommended to stay on a countertop, not mounted on the wall, but Amazon does offer a trim kit (sold separately). This kit will give you a built-in appearance if you don’t have enough countertop space. To help hold the support of the smart oven we recommend using a support bracket to make sure your device isn’t going anywhere.

If you're looking for one more gadget to add to your kitchen this year, look no further than the Kenwood titanium mixer. This hefty piece of equipment is the top-of-line mixer of 2022. The device features a heated mixing bowl, a timer for hands-free mixing, and a scale for weighing ingredients. This device is said to be great for the at home baker who loves adding technology to their baking. The titanium mixer features a 7-quart bowl, once of the largest available for home use. With this amount of space, you can whip 16 egg whites, mix 10 pounds of cake dough, 5 pounds of bread dough, or 2 pounds of flour. Like the other, one of the major benefits is you can add this to your countertop space, hang on a floating shelf, or store underneath to keep out of view.

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2022 will be another year of new techy kitchen appliances and we cannot wait to see what is brought to the industry next!

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