A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

 A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

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Bringing a new baby into your home is one of the most exciting, joyous and anxiety-provoking events in life, and setting up the nursery is proof of that! Whether it’s your first or your fourth child, there are decisions and purchases galore. Here are some of our tips for creating the perfect nursery. Or at least a place where you won’t mind being awake and staring bleary eyed at the walls at 2 am.

Tip #1: Re-purpose an old dresser into a changing table

When it comes to the key furniture pieces, you don’t have to purchase a matching set, and the items don’t even need to be new! The nursery is a great place to re-purpose a funky old dresser painted in a fun color. We like high gloss paint for more drama and interesting knobs to update the look. Save space by forgoing a changing table and instead putting a changing mat with a pretty cover on top of the dresser.

A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

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Tip #2: Find a kid friendly rug

Rather than spend a fortune on a large rug (which will likely be covered in milk, dirt and ground cheerios in no time) consider a durable and kid-proof natural fiber rug. Then layer on a fluffy sheepskin or even a bright kilim on top for something soft on baby’s toes.

Tip #3: Build in extra storage

Definitely plan for a bookshelf if space allows, and if not, opt for floating shelves. With babies come knick-knacks and toys, so use a mix of baskets and open shelving – you can contain the clutter and display the sentimental and sweet items. But make sure to secure these shelves to the wall for safety. Steel brackets for the bookcase and even hidden brackets, like those from The Original Granite Bracket, for the open floating shelves will support your needs and can be trusted to keep your precious baby safe.

A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

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Tip #4: Look beyond the matching set

When it comes to adding fabrics and patterns to the room, you don’t have to start with the crib bedding, and again, you don’t need a matching set. Those can cost a fortune. Instead, choose a pattern you love for the window treatments or a throw pillow and go from there. With so many great sheets available, you can choose those last and probably on sale! Skip the crib bumper and let the lines of the crib (and your baby) shine!

Tip #5: Don’t forget the walls

If the budget allows, wallpaper can be one of the nicest touches in a nursery. Wallpaper on an accent wall, the ceiling, or the back of a bookshelf can pack a big punch in a small space. And finally, make the space personal with art for the walls. If you are going for a subtle theme (vintage camping or mini globetrotter, anyone?) the walls can be a great place to tie it all together. We like a gallery wall with fun prints, photos and even objects for a more eclectic look. You can even throw in family photos to remind Baby of his or her roots.

A Designer’s Budget Friendly Nursery Tips

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This is really the only time in your child’s life that you will have free reign on their room – so choose things you love and have fun with it! Budget friendly doesn’t mean drab and dreary! There are plenty of choices and options to make the room fun and inviting for your Baby and you.

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