Pantry Perfection

Pantry Perfection

Whether you opt for a walk-in, built-in, butler's, freestanding, or a combination, a pantry is a must for any kitchen. But if not well-designed, any size pantry can quickly become a jumbled mess. Optimizing your kitchen food storage with a well thought out pantry design can make a big difference when it comes to preparing meals. Here's a look at some pantry design and organizing ideas to get you started on your way to pantry perfection.

Pantry Shelf Spacing

The first step in designing your pantry is to put some real thought into what you will be storing. The key to a successful pantry layout lies in not wasting an inch of space. To come up with a good pantry plan, you'll want to measure the boxes, cans, and containers you normally keep on hand. With the measurements in mind, make note of how many of those items you will need to store and plan your storage shelf spacing accordingly. 

Pantry Shelf Depth

For many items, you will want shallow shelves that provide easy viewing of food items. Shallow, u-shaped shelves are great for optimizing space in a pantry closet (check out our "invisible" Free Hanging Shelf Brackets that will give you even more space!). But deeper shelves come in handy, too, for baskets, bulkier items, and even small appliances. In a walk-in pantry, consider using a mixture of shelf depths to accommodate the variety of things you'll be storing. In a deep cabinet, rolling drawers will allow easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach items. 

Deep rolling drawers allow for easy access. Photo by Callender Howorth.

Go Up!

Installing a rolling library ladder in a tall, walk-in pantry will allow you to take advantage of every inch of vertical space.
Access top shelves with a library ladder. Photo by Maison Maison.

Cubby-Style Pantry Storage

It's easy to stay organized with cubbies that allow you to store like things together. Gather items in small boxes, baskets, and bins that you can take with you into the kitchen to cut down on multiple trips back and forth.

Cubbies keep like things together. Photo by PLANtoBUILD 

Pull-Out Pantry

Use slim pull-out pantries to take advantage of narrow spaces in your kitchen that would otherwise be wasted.  

Roll-Out Pantry Shelves

You can retrofit shelves or cabinets with sliding baskets, trays or drawers. These slide-out baskets and drawers are ideal for bulky or bagged items such as chips, pet food, and even produce.

Recessed Pantry

Recessed-panel cabinets offer attractive, out-of-sight pantry storage. This recessed pantry design provides a combination of floating shelves, cabinets, drawers, and even a countertop that doubles as a work surface and place to house small kitchen appliances.
When it comes to designing your pantry, The Original Granite Bracket® has

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