Why & How Homeowners are Renovating Master Bathrooms

Why & How Homeowners are Renovating Master Bathrooms

It's no revelation that kitchens and bathrooms top the list of rooms to tackle when it it comes to renovation. And for several years, kitchens have been the single most popular room to remodel, with guest rooms or other non-master bathrooms a close second. Master bathrooms, however, were further down on the remodeling priority list, but just last year moved into the number three spot. The master bath has been renovated by 24 percent of all renovating homeowners, with guest baths coming in at 27 percent and kitchens at 31 percent. What reasons are spurring homeowners to renovate this space and what do homeowners want from their master bathrooms? Let's take a look.

Reasons for Renovating Master Bathrooms

According to a recent Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, the most common reason for renovating is that homeowners can't stand their old ones anymore. The next most common reason is they've wanted to do it all along, and they finally have the means to do it. And the third most common reason for remodeling the master bath (and one that's been steadily on the rise) is they've recently bought a home, and they want to personalize it.

Top Master Bathroom Remodeling Priorities for Form & Function

Making the bathroom stylish and beautiful is the top design priority for a whopping 79 percent of the homeowners who are renovating. Resale value is the second place design priority at 45 percent, followed by "reflects who I am," creating a spa-like atmosphere, and making a statement. When it comes to functional priorities, good lighting is a must for 47 percent and a close second is ease of cleaining and disinfecting. Forty-one percent desire better storage so they can find things more easily and 37 percent want a new bathroom to help them relax.

What Do Bathroom Remodelers Want?

Aging in Place

The baby boomers are thinking of their aging needs, with one-third of this age group (55 and up) remodeling for current needs and one-fourth planning for future needs. Popular upgrades for this group are curbless showers, shower seats, accessible wall-mounted vanities, open shelving, grab bars, and non-slip flooring.

Premium Features

Renovating homeowners tend to want the best for their master bathrooms, with one in ten remodeled master bathrooms the same size or larger than the bedroom. Smart toilets, luxury bathtubs, spa-like dual showers, and vessel sinks are on the rise.

Color & Style

Gray color palettes are still in the lead when it comes to master bathroom decor, with matte nickel and polished chrome still the most common metal finishes, in spite of gold's rise in popularity. Contemporary styles aren't going anywhere, but farmhouse has more than doubled in popularity. 


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