Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas that WOW

Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas that WOW

Open kitchen shelving is a matter of preference. If you like the fact that your guests can just feel right at home and walk over and get a glass, then this design idea may be for you. 

A great rule of thumb on what to put on the shelves goes something like this...“If you use it more than once a week, have it out. If you use it a few times a month, stick it in a cabinet. Once or twice a year? It belongs in the basement.”

Open kitchen shelving is a thing of beauty and an added plus open kitchen shelving can increase your storage space since cabinets have to have a fixed space.

For small kitchen spaces open kitchen shelving will also make your kitchen seem larger than it really is.

One of the best ways to help those kitchen shelves look as if they are floating is a Shelf Bracket that can be used for all types of shelves or counter top overhangs/cantilever. Of course if you have that large heavy duty shelf a Large Shelf Bracket is the work horse for you.

What do you think? Is having open shelving a great kitchen design plan for you?



If you are looking for a new look for your dated kitchen, open kitchen shelving may be the perfect solution. We here at The Original Granite Bracket happen to be very fond of mixing traditional cabinets with open shelving design. 

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