Renovating your Kitchen for the Holidays? Start Now!

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Renovating your Kitchen for the Holidays? Start Now!

If you’ve been to Target, Hobby Lobby, or any home improvement store, you know that their aisles are already stuffed with holiday decorations. Although it’s only October, these retail stores are already selling items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We used to think it was excessive to start thinking about Christmas three months in advance. The problem is, right when the holiday spirit finally started to hit, the stores were sold out of everything. 

When it comes to kitchen renovations, most people wait until the last minute to upgrade before the holiday season. Now, we’re starting to think that these retail stores have the right idea. If you are planning on doing any renovations for the holidays, you should start now. 

Starting your projects now will ensure that you will finish in time, even if you run into unexpected problems or make mistakes. Here are some things to consider to help your kitchen renovation happen smoothly so that you can enjoy the holidays stress-free. 

Assess Your Space

While it's great to dream big, it's crucial to stay realistic when renovating in a time crunch. Take some time to evaluate your space to determine what is most important to you. Are there structural repairs needed? Are there any projects that would make a large difference while entertaining guests for the holidays? Are your smaller projects worth the time, effort, and cost? 

Consider Your Time and Energy

Living in the midst of a kitchen renovation is already tough, adding holiday stress can make it even worse. It’s important to evaluate which projects and goals you can accomplish, given your time and energy. You still want to be able to enjoy quality time with your family without feeling completely overwhelmed. 

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Stay Organized

Making a master plan will help keep your kitchen renovation organized and on track for completion. Figure out your priorities and schedule a time to complete them. Ask yourself, will this project take a few hours or a few days? Dedicate a weekend to the project so that you can finish before the holidays.

Buy Materials Beforehand 

The holiday season is just as challenging for suppliers as they also deal with unexpected issues like low inventory and delayed shipping. On top of this, many employers give their workers time off around the major holidays, making it harder to get the materials you might need. 

Order any major appliances, countertops, and/or custom materials soon so your projects aren’t stuck halfway through a project without something crucial to the space (like an oven or fridge around Thanksgiving.) This will prevent adding any stress to an already frustrating situation.

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Create a Plan B 

While projects may go without a hitch, create a Plan B just in case something goes wrong. If you are missing an appliance or stuck halfway through a project, you may not be able to host or entertain guests. Consider asking another relative to host during the holidays this year or find a local vacation rental so that the family can still celebrate together. It’s important to stay positive and flexible so that you are still able to enjoy quality time with friends and family. 

Projects to Tackle Before the Holidays 

Trying to decide which projects you should tackle in your kitchen before the holiday season? Here are some projects that you can knock out before the in-laws arrive. 

  1. Upgrade your countertops. Extra room to cook large family meals is always helpful and if you add an overhang to an island you can create more seating for entertaining guests. We have used The Original Granite Bracket for our past projects and have found that they carry standard and custom brackets that are able to support any countertop material.
  2. Install a new backsplash. This is a simple, cost-effective way to make a big difference in your kitchen. Check out The Tile Store when shopping for a new backsplash. They carry a wide variety of tiles that come in different materials, unique designs, and affordable price ranges. 
  3. Buy new appliances. Adding new appliances like a mini-fridge for drinks can declutter an already packed fridge. You could also look into investing in some energy-efficient appliances to keep bills down around an expensive time of the year. 

With holidays right around the corner, we know how important it is to have your home prepared to host your closest friends and family. Using these helpful tips, we hope that you can quickly and efficiently elevate your kitchen without any extra stress. 

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