Unique Ideas to Design a Kitchen Island

Unique Ideas to Design a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island gives a lot of functionality to the kitchen. It provides you an extra work space, as well as an eating area. If you are thinking of having a kitchen island, one way to utilize your space in your kitchen is to use the island as more than just a prep station. When maximizing your island, think of what more it can do for your kitchen or how it can complement your kitchen's entire look. Here are some of the designs that will work great for any kitchen island.

The Wine Bar Kitchen Island

You do not need a cellar to keep your wine collection and have yourself moving back and forth in the house just to grab a bottle. A classy and functional way to use your kitchen island is to install a rack under the counter surface and place all the wine bottles there. You can even install a wine cooler, giving you great functionality and adding a very modern look in your new kitchen.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas use Island as Wine Storage

Open Space Kitchen Island

Your island does not have to be a slab of stone lodged in the middle of the kitchen. It could have the look and function of a table, complete with beautiful legs. One great feature to having an open space kitchen island is there is enough room to store baskets which can hold small appliances or even the groceries. Not only will it get you more storage space in the kitchen, but it will make your kitchen look roomier too.

Open Kitchen Island

Display Storage

Be creative with your island design and add room under you kitchen island for storage with open shelving. You can use this open shelving kitchen island to store kitchen decor, small appliances, special dishware, or whatever you can think of. This kitchen island design puts the fun in function for sure by displaying your favorite kitchen items.

kitchen island with open shelving design

Pullout Drawer Kitchen Island

You can even have a pullout storage space if you think that a cabinet beyond all that leg room is a little too out of the way. Pull out drawers are perfect for making things under the kitchen island accessible for you, even adding much needed storage space in your kitchen.

Pull out storage drawers in kitchen island

Veggie Storage

Did you know there is a way to extend the life of potatoes and onions? They actually should be stored in a cool dry place. By storing them in tilt-out bin drawers in your kitchen island you give those veggies a chance to be center stage; before and during the meal. Adding Glass front doors embellished with faux muntins is a great way to see how many vegetables are actually on hand. Being a vegetable storage kitchen island is a great design idea.

Veggie Storage Kitchen Island

No matter what kitchen island design you choose there is a way to protect your precious stone. Remember corbels can be a great look but they add no protection from breakage to your costly kitchen island stone investment. Protect your kitchen island bar top with a hidden countertop support bracket. One of our favorites for supporting the stone on a kitchen island is the, Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket it gives hidden support to your new stone countetop and is easy to install before your precious stone top is installed. 

Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket by The Original Granite Bracket

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