The Top 6 Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs For 2016

The Top 6 Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs For 2016

When it comes to selling your home or just simply sprucing up the entire home, the kitchen is the room featured at the top of the list. To evaluate the look of your home, one would step into the kitchen first.

Here are some of the most important changes that you can make for 2016 when upgrading your kitchen.

1. The Hardware

Kitchen hardware on white cabinets

This is where you need to begin. For starters, make a list of all the things that are outdated and need to be replaced with modern alternatives like stainless steel handles, pewter pulls, etc. These are just a few ways to add a sleek touch and make things look modern while improving functionality.

2. The Cabinets

Outdated cabinets, in particular ones that do not go with the kitchen appliances you have upgraded over the years, can really kill the whole vibe of the kitchen. As long as the cabinet doors are in good shape, there are tons of great inexpensive options that you can go for.

3. Faucets

Wholesale Kitchen Faucets

Are the faucets in the kitchen the first thing one notices for their aesthetics upon entering the area? For upscale houses, faucets are one thing that should be changed regularly. For smaller homes, upgrading faucets is a great opportunity to sync the décor of the kitchen with the rest of the house.

4. Countertops

When entering the kitchen, one can’t help but hover near the countertops, effectively making these one of the most important upgrades for your kitchen. If you are planning on selling the house soon but want to get things revamped for more value, take note of the color of the surface you choose for countertops. Lots of kitchens have blue, green, and pink countertops; these might look great but they still count as personal colors. The best practice is to switch to neutral colors like black, grey, brown, or taupe. Another great note when updating your countertops is to use Hidden Countertop Support Brackets instead of wooden corbels. This upgrade allows you to have more room at your countertop and gives your countertop the appearance of floating. These hidden countertop supports are becoming the hottest trend in kitchen design.

The Original Granite Bracket hidden countertop support brackets

5. The Appliances

What is a kitchen without appliances? Replacing your existing appliances is a proven way to boost the appeal of the most important room of the house with little effort. You can always choose them in a specific design scheme to complement the overall look of the house. Be careful of the sizes of the appliances though; you don’t want anything to look out of place in your newly upgraded kitchen.

6. The Lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas

Upgrading the light fixtures in a kitchen can make a major difference in how you and everyone else views the kitchen. With brilliant and bold kitchen designs trending today, you simply cannot skip this aspect. One tip to give your kitchen its own unique appeal, get modern track lighting which highlights the cooking areas, countertops and everything else.

No matter how you choose to update, remember gone are the days of dim and steely look of kitchens – this is the age of the bright and the bold!

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