Farmhouse Fab Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Fab Kitchen Design

A farmhouse kitchen was once a thing of the past; but today we see them coming back strong. Farmhouse kitchens possess natural elements and bring about a feeling of warmth. They are classic and comfortable; keeping the elements simple and organic. But that does not mean a farmhouse kitchen cannot have a sense of elegance. The farmhouse kitchens of today can range from dressy to rustic…or anything in between!

Farmhouse kitchen design

Here are some of the fabulous fixings’ for a farmhouse kitchen we are obsessing about today.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks or apron sinks, as they are also known, were designed in times gone by for the work a woman did in the home like canning, washing, cooking, etc. The “apron” on the front of the sink allowed for less strain as she worked over the sink for quite some time. The countertop was eliminated from the front of the sink causing less strain as she worked. The farmhouse sink still allows for less strain on the back but it is on many must have kitchen wish lists for its classic beauty and character.

Farmhouse apron sink

Open Shelves

Open shelves allow for your beautiful dishware and décor to be seen as well as providing expansive storage. Just a tip; you do not have to have your whole kitchen with open shelving; just a few places here or there will do the trick. Open shelving also allows you to use that unusable space in your kitchen, like around the door frame that, otherwise, would have been wasted.

Open shelving in farmhouse kitchen

Classic Countertops

Classic countertops like wood butcher block, soapstone or marble countertops are the perfect match for a farmhouse kitchen. Wood butcher block countertops can add warmth to your kitchen and is great for those who are serious cooks. Soapstone countertops are great for their durability and value. And Marble countertops are a perfect classic choice and they are resistant to cracks and scratches. No matter which classic countertop you choose for your farmhouse kitchen you will have years of joy out of them. 

Butcher block countertop farmhouse kitchen with farmhouse sink

An added modern benefit to a farmhouse kitchen is having the countertop appear to be floating. {Read more about floating countertop overhang here}.

Butcher block countertop overhang

Cabinets with Character

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are loved because of the character they elude. White cabinets are the most popular kitchen cabinet color seen in farmhouse kitchens yet today there are an array of colors. Yellow and blue kitchen cabinets can add some charm and character and just a little bit of pizzazz to your farmhouse kitchen.

Blue farmhouse kitchen with farmhouse sink Yellow farmhouse kitchen with stainless steel farmhouse sink

Farmhouse kitchen open shelving

No matter what elements you choose for your farmhouse kitchen they should be your style all while adding warmth and charm. Just remember to add what you love and you will love what you have.

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