How to Make Your Kitchen Countertop Have The Appearance of Floating

How to Make Your Kitchen Countertop Have The Appearance of Floating
Kitchen design has come a long way. The rooms once thought of very little, except for whipping through a meal and cleaning up, have now become center stage in the home. Along with the changes in kitchen design is a new tread in kitchen countertop support.

In the past the only way to support a countertop overhang was with a corbel. These corbels made mostly of wood have a look of elegance to them yet they are cumbersome in knocking your knees when entering and exiting from the kitchen bar top.
Wood corbel for countertop overhang
Wood spindles for countertop overhang

Are these corbels beautiful? Yes, however times are changing and where there was once not a choice in how to support a kitchen countertop overhang there is now a way to make your countertop have the appearance of floating – hidden countertop support brackets!

Float your kitchen countertop with hidden countertop support brackets from The Original Granite Bracket
Hidden countertop supports brackets are new on the scene in kitchen design and are quickly climbing to the must have list in kitchen wants. These brackets are installed before the countertop is installed allowing for these strong steel brackets to take center stage in quiet strength – but only until the countertop is placed on top. Once the countertop arrives it does not have to compete for attention now that corbels are no longer are needed. The hidden countertop support brackets are just that – hidden. They are installed during the building of the kitchen and once the countertop is placed the counter top support brackets are virtually invisible!

Another added bonus of hidden countertop support brackets besides being non-intrusive is the ability to have more room to add more bar stools to your kitchen island all while adding the much needed protection to your countertop investment that corbels do not provide. Corbels are pretty and have a place in some décor but they do not provide protection against breakage of your stone countertop.

Whether you want a modern look or even a traditional kitchen there is a countertop bracket that is right for you. Here a just a small sample of hidden countertop brackets which give support to stone and wood countertops. 

Hidden Island Support Bracket for kitchen countertops by The Original Granite Bracket

Hidden Island Support Bracket attaches to the wall of the cabinet


Knee Wall Hidden Countertop Support Bracket attaches to knee or pony wall


 The T-Bracket attaches to the back of the kitchen cabinet

The Original Granite Bracket was first in hidden countertop support brackets and first in manufacturing strong brackets made of American Steel right here in the USA. The Original Granite Bracket has their brackets supporting countertops in places like Disneyland, American Express, Morgan and Stanley, and Johnson & Johnson. The Original Granite Bracket is proud to have led the industry in supporting countertops with a new and innovative way. Check out the full line of hidden countertop support brackets.

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