Small Bathroom Design: Smart Sizing Tips for Better Function

Small Bathroom Design: Smart Sizing Tips for Better Function

There are lots challenges to face when renovating an existing small bathroom or adding an additional bathroom when space is limited. Toilets and sinks must be configured to code, enough clearance for showers and baths must be allowed for, and then there are the little things like where to put the towels and toilet paper. Here are some tips for making a small bathroom better.

Float the Vanity

A wall-mounted or “floating” vanity will make a bathroom appear larger as well as free up a little space underneath for baskets of towels and other small items. (Check our Vanity Brackets to safely and securely support your floating vanity top.)


Incorporate Large Scale Patterns

A large scale wallpaper pattern can trick the eye into seeing more space. The square footage won't actually increase, but the bathroom will appear roomier.

Expand the Mirror

Mirrors are also great way to visually expand a space, and they can assist in improving functionality in small bathroom, as well. A large mirror will allow two people to be able to use the space at the same time without jockeying to be able to view their reflections.

Install a Wall-Mounted Faucet 

When every inch counts, a wall-mounted faucet combined with a narrow trough sink is a good looking small space solution. 

Utilize Wall Space

Open wall space in a bathroom is prime real estate for open shelving. And we have the shelf brackets (both free-hanging and traditional) to make it happen! 

Use Wall Hooks

Hang towels, bathrobes, hairdryers, and more with strategically placed wall hooks. These can be spacing saving alternatives to towel bars.

Eliminate the Shower Door

In tight conditions, consider a glass panel instead of a shower door for more elbow room and easier maneuvering.

Put the Sink in the Corner 

Even a tiny pedestal sink can disrupt the traffic flow in a tiny bathroom. In this case, a corner sink can make a world of difference.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation project, be sure to check out our heavy-duty hidden support brackets for floating bench benches, vanity and cabinets, countertops, shelving and more!  We’re here for you to make sure you get the right bracket for your project—connect with us today! 

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