What Homeowners Want in Their Outdoor Kitchens

What Homeowners Want in Their Outdoor Kitchens

There’s no doubt about it—outdoor kitchens are hot. An outdoor kitchen is not just a place for preparing food; it has become a natural extension of the trend toward home entertaining. Once the purview of luxury homeowners living in warmer climes, the outdoor kitchen trend is now big in the middle market, as well. Patio heaters, modular cooking stands, weather proof materials and other innovations have made the outdoor kitchen more appealing even to those who live in cold weather climates.

What Homeowners Want In Their Outdoor Kitchens According to NKBA

A recent NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Market Research report yielded some interesting stats about what homeowners want in their outdoor kitchens. The full report is available for purchase here, but the highlights alone are interesting:  

  • The typical spend for an outdoor kitchen is about $13,000, but 22% of homeowners are spending $30,000+ on very high-end kitchens.
  • Most homeowners (84%) use professional installers for at least part of their outdoor kitchen installation.
  • 64% of homeowners used a designer and 41% used a landscape architect.
  • About half install a fixed overhead structure and 30% install a pergola.
  • 62% of outdoor kitchens have a TV, 62% have built-in storage or cabinets, and 58% have a fire pit.
  • Natural stone is the countertop material of choice of 57% of homeowners
  • Most outdoor kitchens are between 100 and  400 square feet and include a sitting area.
  • 26% of outdoor kitchens feature a wine refrigerator.
  • Homeowners who built outdoor kitchens said they wished they had spent more money on shelter (12%), a bigger space (10%), counters (9%), atmosphere/temperature/lighting control (7%), and cabinet storage (5%). 


How Are Kitchen And Bath Industry Pros Helping Homeowners Achieve Their Outdoor Living & Kitchen  Dreams? 

At a recent KBtribechat™ (a weekly Twitter discussion for the kitchen and bath industry) focused on outdoor living, industry professionals (kitchen and bath designers, interior designers, contractors, architects, brands and other industry insiders) discussed many aspects of outdoor living, including the latest trends for outdoor kitchens and what features, materials, appliances, and looks their clients and customers are going for. 

DOMOTEX USA (@DomotexUSA): If you are hosting a party, an outdoor sink is extremely convenient. Having a place to clean glasses and dishes without having to feel like you are leaving the group alone creates a more relaxed and casual situation.

POLYCOR (@Polycor): Bring on the pops of color, matte black, tiles and chickens. Photo @drinkwchickens.

MARBLE INSTITUTE (@MarbleInstitute): Pizza ovens and natural stone! 

 RICHMOND AMERICAN (@RAHomes): A wide variety of materials in the same space, from stone to brick and wood. Also, built-in stainless-steel appliances.

KBIS (@KBIS): Connectivity will be a big theme at #KBIS2020! We love that @memphisgrills are WiFi-enabled. Control the temp from your phone, preheat on the way home, even shut it off from a hammock.

GARCIA CABINETMAKERS (@cabinetmakers): 
I'd like to hang out here! This has many features for an ideal outdoor space:
Shade, Seating, Fireplace, Outdoor kitchen

RICHMOND AMERICAN (@RAHomes): You don't need a swimming pool for relaxing water features. Whether it's a small fountain or larger installation, the sound and sight of water is such a soothing outdoor living element.

WILSON LIGHTING (@Wilson_Lighting): outdoor fans - these allow us to take advantage of the warm weather without being uncomfortable. Whether they hang by the pool or by the grill, outdoor fans make such spaces perfect for lounging around.

ELDORADO STONE, LLC (@eldoradostone): Color conquers all! Stainless appliances and #stoneveneer are must-haves, and a few signature hues make a space truly unique.

GRANITE MAN (@marbleandgranit): We see more & more people wanting to use Natural Stone for outdoor table tops and grill tops!! Natural Stone is very durable outdoors and compliments other exterior building materials!!

NATURAL STONE INSTITUTE: (@MarbleInstitute): Pizza ovens and natural stone! We have an article on #UseNaturalStone on this topic: https://buff.ly/2IocYq1 


KBIS (@KBIS): Did you say color? Throwing it over to @hestanhome!

WILSON LIGHTING (@Wilson_Lighting): Kitchen islands - we've been seeing a lot of outdoor island counters that are perfect for food prep or more storage...add lighting under the countertop for a luxurious glow when the sun goes down.

No KBTribechat ever escapes a little a fun and humor. When asked, "What are your favorite tips to create fun outdoor spaces with creature comforts?" Rev-A-Shelf (@REVASHELF) undoubtedly had the most entertaining answer and image to share: 

"Maybe I took this too literally, but when I saw 'creature comforts' I thought - Dog pool!"

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