How to Budget Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to Budget Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

According to HomeAdvisor, a kitchen remodel in 2019 will cost about $75 to $250 per square foot, depending on space size, material quality, and whether you change the layout. While a kitchen renovation tends to be the most complicated and expensive of all the home improvement projects, it's still one of the most popular spaces to remodel; and typically, it will have a large payoff in terms of a home's resale value. As the heart of the home and hub of your family's command center, making your kitchen a more enjoyable and functional space adds a big value that can't be measured in dollars and cents. How can you make sure your kitchen remodel is everything you expected —at a price you're comfortable with? 

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recommends budgeting 15-20 percent of the value of your home, then cut that number by at least 25 percent. Set that money aside as a cushion for the unexpected, or if you're still entertaining a figure that's uncomfortable, cut it some more— but be sure to set some aside for the inevitable remodeling surprises.

NKBA offers these no-nonsense guidelines to help you stay on track with your budget:

  • Start your budget with the things you need. Learn the difference between 'needs’ and ‘wants’ by researching the costs of different kinds of products and materials, beginning with the most expensive must-haves down to the things you can live without.
  • Prioritize design and safety needs of everyone in your household. Make a top 10 list by examining your kitchen and making decisions about what must be replaced now and what can be added later.
  • Know what features are most important to you and other family members and resist the temptation to purchase unnecessary features that will strain the budget.
  • Don't accept a quote from a contractor or designer until a full survey of the project has been completed. Take the time to make sure the quote is thorough to avoid potential misunderstandings down the road.
  • Get referrals from people you trust. friends, Ask friends, neighbors, and family members to see their kitchens and ask who they hired.
  • Know what you're getting. Photos in magazines or books or online may not always be reliable, so it's a good idea to visit showrooms when possible.
  • Arrange a clearly defined payment schedule and ask for several installments throughout the project. Never pay in full until you have received delivery of all your goods.

While a kitchen renovation is never cheap, there are ways to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank. Check out this helpful infographic for some great tips for remodeling your kitchen on a budget, courtesy of Superior Stone and Cabinet.

kitchen remodeling on a budget infographic

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