How to Design Your Kitchen With Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year

Grey countertop support bracket yellow cabinets

So much of life happens in the kitchen, so getting all the details right is important. Using Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year, we have compiled a list of design tips that will help you elevate your kitchen.


Why Pantone’s Color Picks Are Great for Kitchen Design

At the beginning of every year, Pantone Color Institute releases its color(s) of the year. They carefully choose the color(s) after studying color trends and patterns found in marketing, social media, fashion, and politics.

This year they chose “PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray” and “PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.” These color choices come as no surprise after the turbulent year of 2020. The grey offers stability while the yellow is warming and optimistic. Together, the colors create the perfect balance of positivity and strength.


Working With “Ultimate Grey”

Grey is a classic, flexible neutral that has been used in kitchens for years. Placing the color strategically around your kitchen can create visual interest and dimension. This color works great as a backsplash and pairs well with white or wood cabinets. The texture of the tiles that you choose will add an extra layer to the space.


kitchen countertop grey tile


While white kitchens are beautiful and trendy, they often lack contrast and flatten the room. By painting your island gray, you can add some contrast and create dimension. This subtle adjustment will make your room appear larger than it is.

Support countertops brackets kitchen

Homeowners have been using grey in their kitchens for decades. It’s the perfect neutral that helps make the other details in your kitchen pop. The color works well with different types of countertops like marble, granite, and wood. Install any type of countertop confidently with these countertop brackets. Plus, grey cabinets are more forgiving compared to other colors. When they get dirty, spills and stains will not be as noticeable as they would be on white cabinets.


grey and white kitchen wood countertops


Incorporating “Illuminating”

We know that bright yellow can be overwhelming in large portions of the home, so we recommend using a dash here and there. By using yellow in small doses, you can create a statement in your kitchen without making the space overwhelming.

Having a hard time fully committing to bright yellow? Incorporate elements that can easily be replaced or taken out completely. Yellow bar stools are a great way to incorporate color in a fun, easy way. With so many designs to choose from, you will be sure to find some to fit the style of your kitchen. This modern gold and velvet bar stool or this wood and fabric bar stool are both great options from Amazon.


Overhanging countertop support bracket yellow chairs

If your kitchen seems dull, a yellow backsplash might be just the thing for you! This pop of color will immediately brighten your kitchen and add visual interest. It’s a simple way to make yellow blend seamlessly into the room. Yellow tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, so you’ll be sure to find something that shows off your personality.


White overhang kitchen countertop yellow backsplash

Open shelving allows you to show off your yellow collection that you might already have lying around the house. If you plan on only using yellow in the spring or summer months, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to switch up décor during the change of seasons.

This option is great for storing all your oddly shaped pieces that won’t fit nicely into cabinets. The combination of open shelving and cabinets will provide amazing storage flexibility. We recommend Round Free Floating Shelf Brackets with free floating shelves for your project.


kitchen open shelving bracket support white cabinets


Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Working Together

Using ultimate grey as a base for your kitchen is a great way to keep your kitchen looking serene and casual. With a neutral base, you will have more flexibility when it comes to decorating with bright yellow.

Nowadays, just about everything comes in bright colors. Opt to include bright yellow gadgets like espresso machines, stand mixers, and ovens to add color to your kitchen. It is a great way to introduce color to the hardest-working room in your home in a sophisticated way.


grey cabinets wood countertop support brackets


grey kitchen yellow oven countertop support

Are you ready to be bold in your home? Maximize both colors in your kitchen to enjoy the grounding, yet energizing effects. Add solidity with grey cabinets and excitement with bright yellow walls. If you live somewhere with a colder climate, this option will keep your home warm and bright all year round.


grey kitchen yellow walls wood countertop support brackets

We hope that these tips will help you during your next kitchen project!

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