Top 5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Countertops

eco-friendly sustainable reclaimed wood countertop support bracket

It’s no surprise that sustainable and eco-friendly building materials are more popular than ever. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they can lower renovation and building costs. These countertop alternatives are both professional and DIY friendly, with installation made easy with The Original Granite Bracket. Plus, you can create a naturally healthier environment for your family and pets when you choose non-toxic products.

Here are our top 5 choices for eco-friendly kitchen countertop materials. 


Designed with translucent layers of glass, Bio-Glass is a completely recycled alternative to non-sustainable countertops. 

The material is constructed with 100% recycled material from the scraps of bottles, windows, mirrors, and any broken glass. There are no additives or colorants used, so color variations depend solely on which recycled components are used.

Bio-glass is a great option to accomplish a sleek, modern look. The material comes in sandblasted, etched, smooth, or grooved finishes. This durable countertop option is stain, frost, chemical, and fire-resistant. 

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Another great choice that is constructed with 30% recycled plastic from the cellphone and medical industries, is Durat

Not only are all surfaces 100% recyclable, but Durat has implemented a program to ensure their products stay out of landfills. The company refurbishes, repurchases, and sells used Durat surfaces to ensure they re-use 100% of the materials they produce. 

Durat offers thousands of color and pattern combinations on its site, making it easy to incorporate this sustainable option into any style of home. While their signature speckled look is popular, they offer plain options as well. 

Extremely durable, these surfaces are heat, wear, humidity, and chemical resistant. Light scratches can easily be polished away. Deeper cuts can be sanded and filled to make the surface look brand new. 

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ALKEMI Recycled Surfacing

Alkemi solid surface countertops contain 88% to 97% recycled content. This eco-friendly alternative is made using pre-consumer waste flake copper and aluminum, recycled acrylic, and solid surface scrap. Plus, when you are ready to switch things up, this countertop can be endlessly recycled after you decide to replace it.

This recycled surface material comes in tons of colors and surface aesthetics from matte, high-gloss, classic, and honed. Lately, this solid surface has been popular with big-name corporations like Google, Whole Foods Market, and Nike. 

Countertops made with Alkemi are stain-resistant against most liquids, and scratches can be easily polished away. 

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Reclaimed Wood

Considered one of the most sustainable countertops, Reclaimed Wood  is a huge contributor to the green building industry. It’s recycling a renewable material for double the use. Instead of demolishing a factory, warehouse, barn, or other old structure, the boards can be taken down, refurbished, and resold for a new life. 

Using reclaimed wood can make your next project FSC and LEED Certified, qualifying your house for special benefits. 

Wood complements most kitchen styles and it can be used creatively because of how easy it can be to shape. Even if your piece of reclaimed wood is oddly shaped, these custom brackets will support any project. Not only is this material warm in color, but it is also warm to the touch, which can make the room feel more inviting. 

Because reclaimed wood has already been exposed to harsh, natural conditions, it is extremely strong. After contracting and expanding in the humidity for years, reclaimed wood can settle into a stable and durable plank. This option will stand the test of time, no matter where it’s placed in your home.  

 Sustainable eco-friendly options countertop support bracket

Paperstone Recycled Paper and Resin

PaperStone is a heavy-duty solid surface made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin. Because paperstone is a green product made completely from natural raw materials, it will age similarly to fine hardwood. 

Available in both regular and designer colors, you will be sure to find a color to fit your space. All surfaces are soft, warm, and smooth to the touch. 

Known for its durability, this solid surface is harder than wood, lighter, and less brittle than engineered quartz or stone. Since this material is not absorbent, it can be found in food prep stations in commercial kitchens and used as cutting boards in the home. 

Overall, its steel-like strength and ability to be worked like hardwoods make it a top choice for professionals and DIYers. No matter the skill level, you can make installation even easier with these countertop brackets. While this surface requires an initial sealing finish, it is chemical and stain-resistant.

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Choosing the Right Countertop

All sustainable countertop options have different pros and cons from a sustainability perspective, with some options scoring better than others. Bio-glass scores well on making use of recycled materials, Alkemi solid surface on longevity, and wood on lowest energy used. When making your final decision, it’s important to consider which of these aspects are most important to you. 

While there are many other sustainable options available as well, we hope this will be a good starting point for pulling together a list of options for your home. We appreciate surfacing manufacturer’s efforts in making the world a better place, starting with the elements that we use in our homes. 

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