7 Kitchen Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

Modern kitchen without upper cabinets

It's hard to believe we're already in the fourth quarter of 2018! We've seen some fresh and exciting kitchen design trends entering the scene this year, and it appears some of them will really take hold in 2019 (the demise of the upper cabinet, perhaps?). Let's take a look at what the coming year might look like in the world of kitchen design.

Kitchens With No Upper Cabinets

The 'no upper cabinets' concept is an interesting trend that we're starting to see more and more of. It's kind of surprising (because where do you store everything?), but at the same time, there's something calming and aesthetically pleasing about not having bulky cabinetry directly in your line of sight. Nixing the uppers, however,  has given rise to other new trends, including three that can help alleviate the storage problems inherent in this minimalist look: the backsplash shelf, the storage wall, and kitchen island storage.

The Backsplash Shelf

With many upper cabinets going by the wayside, we're seeing a lot of statement backsplashes, which in turn, have given rise to the backsplash shelf, a single shelf lining the top of the backsplash–a twist on open shelving that we really like!

Storage Walls

Perhaps the modern equivalent of the butler's pantry, walls with floor-to-ceiling storage are a clever solution for the homeowner who loves the sleek look of little to none when it comes to traditional upper cabinetry but can't bear to lose the storage. Here's how we envision the modern kitchen of 2019: no upper cabinets above the countertops with perhaps a few simple floating shelves or a single backsplash shelf (check out our heavy duty steel shelf brackets), a large island, and floor-to-ceiling storage where possible.

Kitchen Island Storage

With storage a key concern in any kitchen design (with or without upper cabinets!), it's a smart design move to take advantage of the space under the kitchen island countertop. Drawers, cabinets with pullouts, and even appliances are all making their way into the kitchen island. (Check out our Hidden Island Support Brackets to safely and invisibly support you extended countertop with unobstructed access to the storage below.)


Black is the New Grey

Black brings sharp contrast and elegance to kitchens, especially when combined with warm woods and gold finishes.



Terrazzo is making a big comeback for both floors and countertops. The material actually dates back several hundred years but was most recently very popular in the mid century throuh the 70s. Terrazzo is usually made from small pieces of marble, quartz, glass and other materials that are set in concrete or resin and then polished to a high sheen. It's requies skilled artisans to create it, but the new porcelain terrazo looks amazing and is readily available. 

Concealed Ventilation

The statement range hood has been strong for several years, but 2019 is pointing to a rise in concealed kitchen ventilation. Some of these ventilation systems virtually disappear in modern kitchen design, and the look is definitely in sync with the trend towards more minimalistic design in the kitchen. A number of familiar brands have started introducing ceiling-mounted recessed vents. Other unobtrusive kitchen vents are under-the-cabinet, slide-out, and downdraft vents.

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