Kitchen Renovation Trends Report

Kitchen Renovation Trends Report

Kitchen renovations consistently hold stead as the most popular of home remodeling projects. According to a new Houzz report, homeowners' top reason to renovate is “wanted to do it all along and finally have the means,” (37%). In fact, Houzz states, “kitchen deterioration is at the highest level seen in Houzz’s five-year history of tracking kitchen project motivators and is a testament to the aging housing stock in the U.S.” The former number one reason, “can no longer stand the old kitchen” slipped to the number two spot, at 34% of those surveyed. But what are the most popular features for a new kitchen? Here’s what the Houzz Kitchen Trends report revealed.

The Kitchen Island

The “crown jewel” of the kitchen is the island. Nearly two-thirds of renovated kitchens feature an island. A third of homeowners add an island if they didn’t already have one, while others upgrade an existing island (22%). Only 5% of renovating homeowners keep their island as it is. 

Overhead lighting and storage are the norm in upgraded islands, and over half of islands house new appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers. Additionally, sizable proportions and standout colors make many islands pop. Gray and blue are top choices for 39% of contrasting island cabinets, while white and wood are top picks for 29% of contrasting island countertops.

Rectangular or square islands are the most common shape, and one in three are quite large, exceeding 7 feet in length.

When it comes to island activities, 58% use it for dining, 49% use it for entertaining, and 45% for socializing. 

Design Style

The design styles that lead in in popularity among homeowners changing their kitchen’s style are transitional and contemporary. Modern style has moved up to number three, while farmhouse style, after gaining marketshare the past two years, has lost a little steam.

Walls & Backsplashes

An emerging trend for kitchen walls is the color blue, and homeowners who upgrade their backsplash are embracing a feature wall, installing the backsplash from the countertop all the way up to the ceiling or to the upper cabinets or range hood. Ceramic or porcelain tile continues to dominate in kitchen backsplashes, followed by marble.


Engineered quartz continued its rise in countertop materials but at a slightly slower rate.  While white and multicolor still the most popular countertop colors, more than one in four added or upgraded islands features a contrasting countertop color, with wood-tone island countertops the most popular option.


White cabinets continue to be the most popular, while wood-tone cabinets occupy the number two position. Two in five homeowners who are adding or upgrading their kitchen island choose a contrasting color for the island cabinets.

Color Palettes

Renovated kitchens continue to feature neutral tones of gray, white and beige on wall surfaces. Wood tones are the most poplar for flooring, and stainless steel is still the top appliance color. But many renovators are going for alternative looks such as blue walls, beige flooring, and black appliances. 


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