Give Your Dad the Garage He Wants this Father's Day

Garage Organization

Father's Day is quickly approaching.

Have no idea what to get him? Well, we know what he WANTS! That is right. An awesome garage!

Most dads live in their garages, they spend hours out there, moving things around, building things, hanging out, but how can we make their little paradise their dream? We have collected some garage ideas to up your garage game.

Upgrade his cabinets and shelves

Say bye-bye to your dad's warped from humidity cabinets that seem to never open correctly. It is time for an upgrade! You can easily find industrial, durable cabinets that fit any aesthetic you are going for. Do you want to add a heavy shelf for storage? Then you need a durable bracket to support that shelf. Check out all the options The Original Granite Bracket offers!

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Give your dad more floor space:

Moving tools and supplies to the wall or an overhang is a great way to clear up the floor space! For an option, check out grid walls, these are large metal grids with hooks like an old-school pegboard, but more durable. You can also add pegs and more shelves to the wall for even more storage space.

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Photo by Gary Rush Construction

Give your dad a workbench

You know all your dad has ever wanted is a small workbench in the garage. A place for him to sit, solve the world's problems, and start projects (but never finish them), so give it to him! If you do not have much room, that's fine! A small shelf hung lower on the wall is the perfect solution. Side note: with all the projects and pressure placed on the shelf, you will need reliable hidden support brackets to help support that shelf (we got you).

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Photo by Working Space

Random facts to help keep the garage clean after improvements are made:


First off, make sure you set a time, once a month for example, to declutter and clean. Go through tools and supplies and throw away broken ones and donate or toss what you no longer need.

Clean The Floors

Secondly, we suggest taking everything out of the garage that is on the floor and giving the garage floor a good clean, often!

Kitty Litter?

Lastly, did you know kitty litter helps clean oil and grease spills?? YES, IT DOES! We suggest keeping a bag of kitty litter near the new workbench you added for your dad for quick and affordable cleanups. Cover the stain with clay cat litter (the cheap one will work simply fine) and leave it overnight. The next day, sweep up the litter and rinse the spot. Voilà! You're welcome.

Happy Father's Day!

We hope these ideas help kick start some amazing ideas to help give your father an amazing Father's Day. If you are looking for more organizing ideas for your garage check out a previous blog, "Get Your Parking Spot Back With These Organization Tips". To browse the bracket options we offer and find one that suits your needs, shop here.

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Photo by Matthew G. Strickfaden and Associates, Inc.

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