7 No-Nonsense Design Tips For Creating A Home Office You'll Love Working In

7 No-Nonsense Design Tips For Creating A Home Office You'll Love Working In

Whether you're running a business from your home or occasionally telecommuting, a workspace that's as comfortable and inviting as the rest of your home is a place you'll actually want to spend time in. Here are some no-nonsense design tips for creating a charming and functional home office.

1. Location, Location...

A big key to working successfully from home is separating work time from home life. The best way to do that is to select a space that’s away from the daily flow and distractions of your household. Will clients be stopping by? If so, a private area with extra seating is a must.

2. Form Follows Function

Upholstered dining chairs may look great, but looks mean nothing if they aren't going to deliver on ergonomics or comfort. Take care of yourself by investing in a good chair that will first and foremost ergonomically support your body. Likewise, it's important to select a desk that is wide enough for your computer and whatever else you need on your desk to perform your work. Most people find 60 inches wide or more to be ideal, but 48 inches wide should be the minimum. Consider your workflow and what you need to function efficiently before investing in furniture, then look for pieces that are both functional and attractive. 

3. Personalize and Accessorize

While functional design is the priority for an efficient home office, it's also important to make your workspace a place you will actually enjoy working in. You'll want to inject your personality and design style into this space, but be aware that too much visual stimulation can be a distraction while working.

Understand how different colors impact mood and energy levels: blues, greens, and violets are usually soothing; yellow can elicit anxiety, and red is highly energetic. White and grey minimize distractions, and purple inspires creativity. There are no hard and fast rules here. Choose the hues that align with your personal work style.

Be sure to include personal touches that will inspire you such as photographs, artwork, and collections of objects you love that will brighten your day, 

4. Daylight and a View

Natural light and a view of the outdoors are proven to have a positive impact on the happiness, productivity, and even health of occupants in commercial and residential environments. Don't deprive yourself of these things in your home office if at all possible. If you have no view, position your desk to face the door, or place a piece of artwork so that you can give your eyes a rest from time to time. But even with lots of natural light, you'll need good, dedicated lighting to supplement during darker hours and gray days. Consider using table lamps to illuminate work areas; they also create a pleasing, soft glow that you won't get from just overhead lights – and they offer great design possibilities.

5. Storage & Shelving

Lack of storage and shelving in a home office can really affect your productivity. When space is at a premium (which is often the case in a home office), take advantage of vertical areas. Floating shelves are excellent alternatives to bulky bookcases and cupboards. Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to install with our Free Hanging Shelf Brackets. Open shelves are a good storage solution for an office because you can see at a glance where things are, as well as display decorative elements and things you care about. 

6. Make a Getaway Space

If you have the room for it in your office, create a space where you can get away from your desk. A comfy chair, small sofa, or even a window seat in your office will give you a place to take a break, relax, or work on tasks that don’t require your desk – while still keeping home and office separate.

7. Install a Floating Desk in a Samll Space

A "floating" desk  can make a small office space feel more spacious and airy. Another bonus is that a floating desk can be installed at any height you wish to accommodate taller or shorter users. Check out our Free Hanging Shelf Brackets; they can do so many things, including supporting your floating desk!

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