Floating Shower Bench

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Floating Shower Benches

More and more, designers and homeowners are adding and installing shower benches into bathroom showers. However, many are choosing the older version of a box-style shower bench because they know they need a strong enough base to hold the weight of someone sitting on the bench, but did you know you could create a floating shower bench and still achieve the strength you need? That’s right! Ditch the boxy shower benches! Floating shower benches are the way to go!


We do agree a shower bench gives you many benefits in a shower, yet a floating shower bench will allow you a sleek streamlined look all with the same strength as a box-style shower bench. So how do you achieve a floating shower bench in a shower. Check out our  floating shower bench kit and we also sell shower bench brackets


Let’s start with the benefits of a having shower bench inside your shower:



Shower benches are a great way to add storage to your bathroom. Box-style shower benches can actually take up space in the shower though and only give you room to add products to the top of the bench, but when you install a floating shower bench, you also have room underneath the bench, keeping you from having to store bottles all along the bottom of the shower.


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Floating shower benches can create a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and elevate the feel and look of the space. Depending on your space, you can be creative with your design choice as well! When it comes to floating shower benches, there are a few main choices you can choose for your surface; granite, marble, tile, wood, and quartz. The weight of these surfaces is no match for the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket, so choose the surface of your dream, knowing it will be held securely.


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Having a seat in the shower gives an extra place to relax. You can sit and let the water rinse over you, giving you the spa-like feeling. And after a long day at work, who doesn't want to feel more relaxed in their bathroom?



Women, do you ever have a hard time shaving in the shower because you don't have a good surface to rest your foot? With a shower bench, that's not a worry! Now, there's a flat, stable surface to place your foot while you shave. For people who can't stand as long or have problems standing, a floating shower bench also adds a great alternative to standing in the shower.


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So how do you achieve a floating shower bench in a shower?

Is a floating shower bench strong enough to hold the weight of an individual? Yes! The best bracket on the market to use to support the weight and float the bench in the shower is the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket. This bracket has been tested to hold 640 LBS per pair, giving you the peace of mind, you need. A nice shower will never go out of style, so adding a floating shower bench is a great way to add value to your home while adding storage, design, relaxation, and convenience to your shower, you won't regret it!


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