Let's Build a Gaming Room

Let's Build a Gaming Room

Have you always dreamed of having a gaming room? Or, maybe your husband, son, or daughter has? (I know how this feels ladies, my other half has spent THOUSANDS planning this dream room!) So, let me help you guys out with some ways to make this dream a reality!

Where do you even start?

Well! I don't know either. I would guess let's start with a plan. Do you have a spare bedroom or basement? Perfect. That's where we will start building this dream room. Now let's break down every component you will need for the room; seating, wall padding, speakers, computer parts, desks, and snacks?? Yes, that's right, snacks!


If you have any experience sitting in a chair for multiple hours a day, you know this seat needs to be comfy. Gaming can cause one to sit for a long period of time, so you're going to need a chair that can support your back. Or, if the room is for your son, some really big bean bags, might be an awesome addition as well!

game room organization



Most of us have either dealt with a person playing videos games too loudly (while yelling), or we’ve been that person yelling. You’re either being bothered or you’re the one bothering everyone else in your house. So, a suggestion to add to your room is bass traps. Now, these will not necessarily decrease the level of noise in the room, but they will help absorb any low frequency echo to make any bass-like noises less intense. And the link is a perfect website for bass traps 101, how to hang them and what they do!

game room - countertop support bracket

Photo by _Mr_Zebra_ from Reddit

High-Quality Sound

Now, if you're playing a game, you need to have great speakers, make them surround sound, and make it loud. BUT, most of these speakers are very expensive, so you are going to need a shelf or surface you know is not going to fall when the bass is bumping, so we recommend looking through The Original Granite Bracket's support bracket options. Use these brackets to support a small shelf and you won't see any of the hardware or support tools, which is going to make the shelf seem like it's floating, which just adds to the overall vibe of the room.

countertop support bracket game room

Photo by Sirspensir from Reddit


Any battlestation and gaming room needs a computer or console at the center of it all. When choosing what computer to buy you can go with a pre-built system from a reputable company or decide to build your own. The pre-built options will typically be the more expensive route because you have to pay for assembly, but with this option, you are positive that the computer is built properly. If you do choose to build your own, you will have to buy each individual part. You will need:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU(processor)
  • RAM (memory)
  • GPU (graphics card)
  • Power supply
  • CPU cooler
  • Case fans
  • Case
  • Storage (SSD or HDD)
PC part picker (https://pcpartpicker.com/) is a great website if you know what parts you need for your build.

    game room - countertop support

    There are many great guides on YouTube that will give you step-by-step instructions with videos on building a computer. 

    On top of the computer, you will also need peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, and a monitor.

    Along with the computer any great game room also needs a console or two, to play those console exclusive titles. The consoles you can choose from are the Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. All three of these have their own merit but my personal favorite is the switch due to its portability. Tip: add your game consoles onto the wall. Hang up a shelf using the free floating shelf brackets and place your console on the shelf. This will clear up space on your desk giving you more room.


    Lastly is the desk. There are MANY options for a gaming desk, but one option that may be awesome is a "floating" desk! This is a desk that has no legs and seems like it's floating. How do you do this? Grab a free hanging shelf bracket or a large shelf bracket, add a marble surface (or surface of your choice), and you are all set! A very popular floating desk option, a lot of gamers are choosing right now, is the Karlby Walnut Countertop from IKEA. This is a great gaming surface to float on your wall with a bracket from The Original Granite Bracket!

    floating desk - countertop support bracket


    This isn't mandatory, but can you imagine having a fridge with snacks and drinks in your game room? Perfect. Well, that's all we have to say about that.

    Have fun

    Building your dream game room really has no limit. This is your dream and your room. Be creative, have fun, and add as much or as little as you want! Do you already have a dream game room? Or are you going to add some of these tips to your future game room? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to shop for all your bracket needs at The Original Granite Bracket.

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