The Ever-Evolving Kitchen

The Ever-Evolving Kitchen

Kitchen Throwback

Kitchens are continuing to evolve every day and every decade. Where the kitchen used to be just for prepping and cooking meals, families are now adding large kitchen islands, room for seating, and making lasting memories in the kitchen. Where the kitchen used to be all wood and bright colors, most people are taking the muted modern approach.

Not only do certain styles and looks eventually become outdated (hello avocado appliances!), design elements that make your kitchen more functional come on the scene, and suddenly, not only does your kitchen look outdated, but it feels functionally behind the times, too.

kitchen from '60s

Travel back in Time

Kitchens in the '50s were known for bright pastels, bubble-shaped appliances, and colorful linoleum. Move on to the '60s you see bright, kooky colors, everything from mod orange to lime green, and floral wallpaper. Comparatively, the '70s were more about Earth tones and muted colors. The '70s are what started bringing families together for dinner and conversation. Then we move on to the '80s where the kitchen is brighter, lighter, and whiter. Appliances come in simpler white and black variety. Next, the '90s chose a light oak finish and all-white appliances, and pastel paint and floral wallpaper, think Friends.

Now, maybe your kitchen didn't exactly match every single one of these stereotypes, but you see them in your head!

kitchen from the '50s

Countertop Support Through the Years

While the kitchen is constantly changing, there is one design element that has changed, that we don't believe people will go back to.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the only way to have an extended countertop was to support it with legs or corbels. The look aligns with the more traditional design styles, but the functionality is lacking. 

Plainly speaking, they get in the way. Have you ever knocked your kneecap or shine on a corbel or leg? (Ouch!) How about accessing the storage below? (Don't bang your head! Oh wait, maybe you don't even have room for storage underneath!) And while legs and corbels do add some support to that extended countertop, they don't protect it all that well. Considering your countertop is likely one of the more expensive design elements in your kitchen, it's an investment worth protecting.

So how have the new '20s changed this design element and supported the countertops? FLOATING COUNTERTOP SUPPORTS! That's right. Why add a corbel and hit your knee-cap or legs and lose out of space for storage? Adding the floating support bracket will give you the space you need for storage and your legs!

kitchen countertop support

Support Won't Evolve

We think this design element will stay because while the kitchen keeps evolving, supporting your countertop won't. And why not support your countertop and have the support be virtually invisible? And this design will match your kitchen whether you decide to do a '50s styles kitchen or a '90s style kitchen.

kitchen support countertop

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