Top Trends in Your Outdoor Space

Top Trends in Your Outdoor Space

Summer is almost here! The weather is getting warmer, and we are ready for backyard parties, BBQs, and more. But is your outdoor space ready to host these events? From patios to outdoor kitchens, we are here to give you the top trends to add to your outdoor space before Summer is officially here.

Make it comfy

We all know COVID shifted how we see our home and live. More and more people were stuck at home but wanted to hang outside. This change in our living made year-round outdoor gatherings more popular. By far, the most requested features for outdoor living spaces are expanded and upgraded seating and lounging. Because more and more people are hosting events outside, you want comfortable furniture that can withstand the weather, and most importantly handle all your events. Our recommendation if you are planning on hosting some great Summer parties this season, start with your furniture. Is it comfortable and sustainable?

outdoor seating outdoor living space

Can they see me?

With the popularity of outdoor living, privacy has also become an increasing priority. If you are hosting an event, or even just hanging outside with your family, you don't want your nosy neighbor listening to your conversations and seeing everything going on. We recommend sheltered side yards, carefully placing windows, and covered patios, just for starters.

outdoor living space

Guess I'll just eat my food in my lap.

Another popular trend for outdoor spaces is plenty of countertop space! If you’re hosting an event, you want to make sure your guests are comfortable sitting, but you also want somewhere for your guests to place their food and drinks. This is so easy! Add enough tables and bar tops to your recreational space. Although. we know how some parties can get a little crazy, and your guests can lean on your table and break it. So, let's avoid that what-if before it ever happens. If you are looking for a great way to install a bar top or table, we suggest using the L Bracket Countertop Support Bracket or the Hidden Island Support Bracket. These are great options for supporting your outdoor bar and countertops, so if any of your friends lean on the countertop, you're safe.

the original granite bracket countertop supportsoutdoor countertop support brackets

Is it dark out here?

"Listen, we know you want to stay late, but it's getting dark, so we better go."

This will no longer be an excuse with your updated outdoor lighting! Keep the party going all night long with the correct lighting for your space. Whether it's hurricane lanterns that line your pool, up lighting that spotlights your favorite plants, or a statement fixture, making sure you have the correct amount of lighting will open new doors for living and entertaining outside.

outdoor lighting

Now go!

Now that we have given you a few pointers on where to start...go start! Summer is just around the corner and it would be a shame to host no outdoor parties because you weren't prepared. Start planning and prepping now and host the best outdoor events this summer!

And hey, maybe parties aren't your thing, and you hate hosting events, but these upgrades will still give you and your family the backyard oasis you have always wanted!

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