Top Kitchen Design Trends

Top Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchens are certainly the heart of today's homes. In most families, the kitchen is used more than any other space in the house. So it makes sense that we all want our kitchens to look their best.

This year’s Top Kitchen Design Trends are surely making an impact in kitchen all over the world. Just one or two of these trendy updates will bring your kitchen into the 21st century, even if you aren't in the market for a total kitchen make-over:

1. Clean With An Overall Contemporary Feeling

Top Kitchen Design Trends overall contemporary degin

 {Source: NovelHome}

Contemporary style kitchens are known to pull from many different styles to create a new, unique look for each kitchen. Like modern kitchen designs, contemporary styles stick to sleek structures and horizontal lines, but also have fun with different finishes and colorful elements. To achieve this look, think new appliances and sleek fixtures, re-purposed old materials, updated accents, full backsplashes and decorative lighting. The key to contemporary style kitchen is to have fun with the design and mix materials, shapes and sizes for a custom feel.

Although many people fear that a contemporary kitchen will look stark, cold or industrial, you can soften the room and yet keep a contemporary feel by including touches like glass pendant lights or wood cabinets or flooring. Touches such as stainless steel appliances and bamboo, or retro laminate patterns on a countertop, give the contemporary a custom, one of a kind feel that accentuates your own good taste.

2. European-styled cabinets

European-styled cabinets in top kitchen design trends

 {Source: Houzz}

European style cabinets can be a reference to the higher level of modular craftsmanship that is utilized by European cabinet makers. European cabinetry market promotes personalization paired with modular design that can be easily added and subtracted from any space. Kitchen sizes are not standard so European style cabinetry needs to be versatile and adaptable.
A hallmark characteristic of European style kitchen cabinetry is the incorporation of hidden hinges. This style of hinge is so synonymous with this style of cabinetry that both are referred to as European style. By using a hidden hinge, European style cabinets are more likely to be frameless so that the storage space and access can be maximized while the weight is minimized. Horizontal graining and a modern styling are other synonymous characteristics of European style cabinets.

3. Tech-savvy appliances

 Tech-savvy appliances in Top Kitchen Trends

 {Source: Whirlpool Corporation}

As people become increasingly tech-savvy, kitchens are following suit. Whether you're using Wi-Fi enabled appliances or features you can control with your smartphone, technologies are cropping up that make life easier.

Ovens are becoming Wi-Fi enabled and by simply downloading an app, you can turn the oven on and off and enable notifications to let you know when your food is done cooking. Refrigerators are also coming out with mobile apps, so you can monitor the temperature settings while enjoying your coffee on your couch. Automated appliances in your kitchen will also help maximize the energy efficiency.

4. Floating Countertops With Hidden Countertop Support Brackets

Countertop Support Brackets in Top Kitchen Design Trends

{Source: The Original Granite Bracket}

Constructed from almost any material from granite to glass just as long as the supports are sturdy enough to buttress the additional weight, these floating countertops can create an interesting optical illusion. In any style kitchen, the virtually hidden countertop supports bars are used to secure an over-sized piece of stone, wood or laminate, creating a modern, sleek look.

The hidden supports allow for the countertop overhang to float without any extra support. No longer needing corbels, or load bearing columns, the functionality of the island increases to allow more seating. These countertops can now accommodate a social kitchen - cooking, prep work, dining and a space for the kids homework.

5. Small  Refrigerators

Small Refrigerators in Top Kitchen Design Trends

{Source: U-Line/Photography: Douglas Johnson}

Refrigeration is no longer limited to a single, hulking unit. The traditional big box refrigerator is experiencing dramatic changes. Many homeowners are opting to “disassemble” it, and locate the pieces strategically throughout the kitchen and elsewhere.

Instead of a typical 84-inch unit, smaller refrigerator columns or fully hidden refrigerator drawers are being separated from the traditional freezer, opening up more counter space. That could mean adding a counter-height produce fridge in your prep island, next to a wine cooler for the adults, and a juice/soda fridge for the kids.

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