Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home
Our 45th President, Donald Trump, is known for many things, not the least of which is his impressive portfolio of real estate holdings. Real estate is how he made his fortune, after all. And when it comes to the luxurious details of those properties, the President's homes do not disappoint.

President Trump told a reporter recently that he has no interest in acquiring homes that aren't one-of-a-kind. "Unless it's going to be iconic, I have no interest," he said. "The word 'trophy' is not even good enough."

But one-of-a-kind doesn’t always mean out of reach. You can design your home with the same grand look on a much more realistic budget. Let’s take a look at two of Trump’s homes and how their posh design ideas can be incorporated into homes like ours.


The Trump Tower Penthouse: Decorate with Mix Metals

President Trump's most famous home is his three-story penthouse high atop the Trump Tower in New York City. First Lady Melania, along with their son Barron, live in the triplex, which is decorated with 24-karat gold-leaf ceilings, crystal chandeliers, candlesticks, marble and even diamonds throughout.

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home

Photo: Refinery29

The apartment begins in the entrance hall, with onyx flooring inset with brass and a stairwell lined with beveled bronze-mirror panels and marked by a sweeping brass banister. Neutral tones are instilled by carpeting, satin chair upholstery, and suede chair and leather bar stool coverings.


By decorating your home with brass and bronze accents, you can mimic the same luxurious undertones as those in the Trump Tower Penthouse. Just a touch of glimmering metal can make your space infinitely and instantly more glamorous.

The trick to using metallic accents and mirrors in a single space is to mix them with different, softer textures to balance them out; while still keeping the color scheme fairly subdued. Brass will pair nicely with darker colors such as black, navy and even purple or other jewel tones. While chrome, stainless steel and satin will go well with a more modern palette, such as gray, white and blue.

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home

Photos: Pinterest

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home


Trump World Tower: Add a Modern Floating Touch


Trump Design Inspiration for Your Home
Photos: Trump World Tower

Residents enter the Trump World Tower in Manhattan, through the exquisite two-story marble lobby to a world of incomparable luxury. The epitome of modern style; the heart of this stunning home lies in the state of the art eat-in kitchen, with floating granite counter tops, heated floors, and stainless-steel built-in appliances.

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home

Photo: BeyondTile

A way to bring this modern theme into your home is to focus on minimalist contemporary features. Pieces of furniture such as floating vanities, shelves and even cantilevered tables have become increasingly popular.

Trump Design Inspirations for Your Home

Apart from being simple and stylish, these floating pieces also create a really interesting visual effect. The key to these modern pieces are the hidden supports found under the pieces themselves. It is extremely important to invest in the strongest hidden brackets, weather it is a regular shelf bracket for the floating shelves, a free-hanging bracket for the vanity or a hidden island support for the countertop, to stabilize and protect your investment.

Photo: OriginalGraniteBracket

These design inspirations from Donald Trump can take your home to the next level in luxury. Start now and create your “iconic, one-of-a-kind” home! Only time will tell how "The Donald" will redesign the interior of The White House--- but then again, he may just see that residence as the “ultimate trophy” just the way it is.

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