What Millennials Want in Their Kitchens

Millennial kitchen design - gray walls, white cabinets

Millennials (those born between 1982 and 1996 or between 1980 and 2000, depending on who you ask) are buying homes now (36 percent of millennials have purchased a home, usually by age 31), and the most important room to them, according to surveys? The kitchen. Millennials are staying home to eat, and they’re cooking. And even when they’re not cooking, they’re still staying home to eat, as they're the biggest adopters of home delivery from restaurants. Reports show the kitchen is their number one priority, not only because they’re cooking and eating at home, but also because that’s where they are hanging out, listening to music, entertaining their friends, and often, even working. 

So, what do millennials want in their kitchens? And what do millennial kitchens look like? Based on several recent studies and surveys on this subject, here’s what we’ve learned about millennial kitchen design.


Thanks to the recession, millennials understand the importance of having most of the major elements stay relevant as long as possible. According to a recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, the number one kitchen wall color for renovating homeowners is gray. This is the most popular color for all age groups, but it is an especially desirable color choice amongst millennials. White cabinetry remains number one for all age groups, but millennials are more likely to extend white to the backsplash.

But that’s not to say that millennial kitchens are boring – millennials love fun and whimsical design. Their gray and white kitchens are likely to be accented with pops of bold colors or pastels in the form of accessories, small appliances, or even pots and pans.  

Kitchen Island & Pantry

The most important features for millennials are pantry cabinets and islands. With all the activities taking place in a millennial kitchen, extra counter space is a valued commodity, and islands are a must-have. 

Eliminating legs or corbels in favor of an extended island countertop like this one will complement modern, streamlined design and create roomier seating, as well. (Check out our Hidden Island Support Brackets to safely support your extended countertop.)


Related to the desire for islands and ample countertop space is the increase in demand for multi-purpose countertop surfaces. Quartz and granite still reign supreme, with the millennials opting for look and feel and durability in spite of the cost.


The millennial generation values efficiency. Functional storage, energy-saving appliances, and clean, modern design devoid of clutter are essential features for millennials. Think Scandi-modern!


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