What Paint Color Makes Your Kitchen Shine like No Other?

What Paint Color Makes Your Kitchen Shine like No Other?

If you are renovating or building a new kitchen you are probably brainstorming about what colors you can imagine might look good in your kitchen. We are sharing with you some of the tried and tested color choices for a kitchen interior, and helping you choose what paint color makes your kitchen shine like no other.

The Sunny Yellow

 Sunny yellow walls in kitchen design

To make your mornings full of sunshine, yellow is the hue that boasts of cheerfulness and optimism. The color yellow stimulates appetites and is fantastic for when you are looking to brighten an area in your house.  A tip to remember on the color yellow when using it in kitchen design: yellow can get extreme in its tones, therefore, vibrant yellows should never go in the backdrop and should only be secluded to splattered accents like the color of the bar stool in your kitchen. Buttery yellow or an even more pale tone of the color goes nicely with brown accents and makes a perfectly sunny kitchen.


The Neutral Navy

 Navy blue walls in kitchen design

Navy is a color which is considered to be a cool color, but did you know it is also considered a neutral color? The right navy blue tone portrays sophistication and is a surprising modern trend in kitchen design. What makes this hue work? It’s pairing with white and brown wood finishes. If you are aiming for a dramatic look, group the navy blue with grey or gold accents; in the form of appliances and lighting. Navy blue kitchen cabinets are also a very beautiful choice in kitchen colors.


The More Metallics

Using metallics in kitchen color design

A little bling can go a long way. Metallic accents in silver, brass, and even the growing in popularity - gold, make a unique statement. Silver metallic tiles on the wall can bring on a contemporary cool urban vibe to the kitchen that is everything but boring. A metallic wall has a reflective quality which brings in lots of light to dance around the room.


The Gorgeous Green

Using green in kitchen design

Green is not a color you may first think of as a wall color in your kitchen, yet green can be a very striking shade giving you the bolt of energy you need; especially in the morning! Green also emits the feelings of vitality and freshness which is a perfect color for kitchens. Green is a great color in foods like celery, asparagus, sage and fresh crisp grapes; all which denote being vibrate and healthy, leaving green a gorgeous color for kitchens.


The Bold and the Beautiful 

Bold kitchen design

Artfully pairing vibrant colors that seldom complement each other is a great way to give your kitchen a unique look and definitely a memorable picture for anyone who visits. A tip to remember when choosing bold colors is to be sure to check them in your home before buying so you can see how they appear in the room at various times of the day. Remember natural lighting of the sun and artificial lights you use in your kitchen affect the play on colors. By checking your color choices in all the types of lighting in your kitchen will help you choose the most bold and beautiful colors for your kitchen.

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