Bathroom Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Bathroom Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Before getting started, take a look at which bathroom design trends are coming our way in 2020!


Biophilic Design

It’s been proven that we’re much more efficient, calmer, and more focused if we’re surrounded by nature. Integrate the biophilic design trend by adding greenery, using natural materials, and incorporating shapes and hues inspired by nature.


Exposed Shower Plumbing

Expect to see shower pipes on display in 2020. The exposed plumbing adds a modern, industrial-inspired look and pairs beautifully with natural stone.

Tankless Toilets

Tankless designs are a hot trend in toilets.  They take up significantly less space than the tanked versions and help create a sleek, modern look. An added eco-friendly bonus is they also help conserve water.

A Bathroom with a View

Window placements in bathrooms will be taking center stage in 2020. Enjoy a beautiful view and great lighting with a vanity placed under a window, or even directly beside your vanity for a more subtle look.

Bathroom Zen

Incorporating spa-like elements such as natural materials, earthen, neutral hues, and minimal aesthetics are on trend for those yearning for retreats from the daily grind.  

Hidden Shower Drains

Whether employing a linear drain that virtually disappears or a shower that simply minimizes the look of the drain, the "hidden drain" will be an on-trend minimalist option in 2020.


We'll be seeing concrete in sink basins, countertops, floors and walls —and it will be paired with organic elements.

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