The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends this Year

modern kitchen in 2020

Whether you’re starting a new kitchen from scratch or just doing a few minor updates for a refresh, here's a look the hottest kitchen design trends you need to know about. 

Colorful Cabinetry

While white is a classic and will always stand the test of time, there's no doubt about it: the trend toward colored kitchen cabinetry is hot, hot, hot. Green is especially popular, thanks to the popularity of biophilic design principles (a design concept intended to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of natural materials, colors, plants, living walls, and the like). We'll be seeing all shades of green, from olive and pale mint to bright greens like chartreuse and clover. Green works great with white backsplash tiles and wood accents or floors. 

Not a fan of green? Blue cabinetry will continue to be a strong trend, especially on the lower cabinets. 

Ceiling Height Backsplash

Whether you go for a simple, one-color look or a colorful large-scale mosaic, taking the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling creates a cohesive look as well as an eye-catching focal point. 

Mixed Metals

The days of the same metals in every kitchen are over. Most stylish kitchens today mix the metals. Some metals that you may want to use instead of stainless or chrome are copper, matte brass, matte bronze, and matte black. Mix hardware, lighting, appliance, and plumbing metals for a more "designed" look. (When it comes to mixing metals, the texture is as important as the color—not everything should be shiny.) An easy way to incorporate mixed metals in your kitchen is with open shelving and a display of mixed metal objects (check our range of shelf brackets).

White Counters

Although dark countertops certainly have their place in many sophisticated design schemes, white counters are still the most popular. Natural stone and engineered quartz are still battling it out neck and neck as to which is the most desirable, but note that a colorful, busy granite will not look new in 2020.  Whatever material you choose, go for a lighter, quieter, more neutral look.
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