Who Let The Dogs Out?

dog wash room

In a recent study done by the American Pet Products Association's 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 63.4 (million!!!!) U.S. households own a dog! Are you one of the 63.4M? If you are, this blog post is for you! We have compiled some tips and ideas to help transform your home into a perfect sanctuary for pets! (Some of these may be outrageous, but let a girl dream, okay?)

Pet Space

We will start with something more obtainable, a pet space for your dog. If you have an unused storage space or small space under the stairs or around a corner, with nothing going on, think about creating a dog room! Add some nice dog furniture; couches, beds, etc., add their food and water bowl and add some photos of them on the wall. This is first off, TOO CUTE and second off, gives your dog space of their own! Do you have a tall dog? The Original Granite Bracket's regular shelf bracket would be the perfect support to add a small shelf in the space and add your dog's bowls to that shelf. This would keep the food and water off the ground making it harder to attract bugs and harder for your dog to create a mess on the floor.

dog space

A Dog-Friendly Entry Way

Again, this is super easy to do, even if you rent a space! Add a cute entry organizer that you can hang your dog's leash on, place your shoes, and get your dog wiped off if he just ran through mud on your walk! Adding an organizer will one, keep things organized, and two keep leashes from going missing or getting tangled up. If you add a floor mat for shoes, this is a perfect way to keep your shoes from tracking mud, dirt, or whatever it picked up outside, all over your house.

dog room


Dog Balcony

Do you live on the top floor of a very tall building, have a balcony, and just cannot get your dog outside in time? Turn your boring balcony, into your dog's dream!

What do you need?

Weather-resistant artificial grass. Most home improvement stores sell this by the foot. Grab it! This can be laid down and act as the grass for your dog. Then, grab a small fence, this is just an idea, but not needed. If you want to designate a small area of your balcony to your dog, a small fence might be helpful. Once you lay down the artificial grass, place the fence around it, and that gives your dog his own little space. After you have the grass and the fence, add a doghouse, or bed, and some toys! Giving your dog a house or bed gives them somewhere to relax if you're hanging on the balcony with them and they want to take a snoozer, and the toys are essential, we don't even have to explain.

Washing Station

Now, let's get a little crazy! Dog washing stations have become extremely popular, either in mudrooms or laundry rooms. This is a great use of space and may help you out if your dog hates baths! Want to add a shelf for the shampoo, conditioner, towels, and all the other tools? The Original Granite Bracket has you covered! Shop through the different support brackets offered, then add a shelf that you know won't fall when washing your dog! Right now, I currently share a shower with my dog, and with his hair and my hair both going down the drain, it's clogged every week, SO this is a great way to keep the mess in your bathroom down, and keeps you from having to hose your dog down outside in the heat or freezing cold.

dog wash room


Share Your Ideas

Dogs are a man's (and women's) best friend and bringing some of these ideas into your home can help share the love with them. Have you tried any of these? Are you going to try one of these? Share with us! We would love to hear all the different ways to make our homes dog friendly! And for any projects you are working on at home make sure to check out The Original Granite Bracket for all your countertop support needs!

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