The Minimalist Bedroom

The Minimalist Bedroom
Over the last few years, there has been a big wave of Minimalist preferences when it comes to decorating. What is that? More individuals are switching to the minimalist feel, picture white walls, few gold accessories on the wall, and few furniture pieces. But that’s just the beginning. People have taken the minimalist look and made it their own.
Say this lifestyle interests you, where do you even start? 


I know, scary. To figure out the best way to declutter you can find tons of videos and research on YouTube and you can check out The Minimalists, they are two guys who are helping people all over the world live this life. But everyone you watch says the first place to start is a good declutter. So for the sake of time let’s stay in the bedroom. Step 1, you would need to look at your bedroom, look at everything you have; furniture, decor, clothes, makeup, random junk, everything. Step 2, then one by one, you look at every item and ask yourself “does this item bring me joy?”, “do I use it every day”, “does this item add value to me?”. Step 3, once you ask yourself those questions, you answer. Then if you use it, it brings joy or adds value you keep it. If you answer no, you toss it, or add it to a box where it doesn’t have to stay in the open for everyone to see.
Cluttered Bedroom
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Once you have decluttered, the fun starts! You get to decorate! So how does a minimalist decorate? 


Bright spaces are the perfect way to start, either with windows or energy-efficient lights. Bright rooms add a sense of warmness and bring out the designs and details in the room. Lights with white walls are the basic way to go but don’t be afraid to add your twist. Adding a pop of color in the furniture is a good way to add yourself to the room. Whether it be a colored platform bed or desk, the color brings the room alive.
minimalist bedroom organization

Art and Accent Wall

Art is another way to bring some life into the room, but not too much art. Add a few pieces of art on to the wall, or even hats, that bring you joy. Regarding the walls, an accent wall is also a great way to add some color. Having all white walls is great, but then adding one colored wall? Show-stopping.
bedroom organization


Symmetry is another way to add a minimalist feel to your room. If you add a piece of art to your wall, add it to both sides, a simple shelf next to your bed, add it to both sides. When adding shelves seeing hardware and brackets are not minimalist. You want to keep the hardware hidden like the furniture is floating. The Original Granite Bracket has done an excellent job of that. The hidden brackets they offer are a perfect addition to any shelf, counter top, or surface you add to your bedroom.
bedroom the original granite bracket

Don’t Give Up

This lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, as a society we are a very cluttered, disorganized bunch of people. So, a minimalist look can take some time, don’t get discouraged with yourself. Start with decluttering, and this process may take a few days, you will want to keep something even though you know you shouldn’t, it happens and that’s alright! Keep at it. Find some resources online for more tips and help, and you will get there!

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