How To Install Countertop Support Brackets

How To Install Countertop Support Brackets

How to Install Countertop Support Brackets

So, you bought a countertop support bracket and are installing it yourself. But how do you do so? Luckily, every product page has an installation guide! Choose the bracket that works best for your project, then once you receive it, head back to the website, find your bracket, and click "installation guide". But maybe you need a video! On The Original Granite Bracket’s YouTube account, we do offer a few installation videos!

Here’s an example on how to install the L Bracket:

Maybe you're looking to install a Free Hanging Shelf Bracket to a Metal Stud:


We have made the installation as simple as possible for you! If you checked out the installation guide and watched a YouTube videos and still have questions, we are always here for you! Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have. 

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