Corbels Vs. Floating Brackets

Corbels Vs. Floating Brackets

Corbel who?

Kitchen design has come a long way over the past couple of years. In the past, the only way to support a countertop overhang was with a corbel. These corbels, made mostly of wood, have a look of elegance to them, yet they are cumbersome in knocking your knees when entering and exiting from the kitchen bar top. The bulkiness of the corbels also takes up space underneath the countertop preventing you from adding storage underneath.


Corbels are now a thing of the past, but how do you support your countertop without them? Hidden countertop supports brackets! These brackets are installed before the countertop is installed allowing for these strong steel brackets to take center stage in strength – but only until the countertop is placed on top. Once the countertop arrives it doesn’t have to compete for attention, now that corbels are no longer needed.

The hidden countertop support brackets are just that – hidden. They are installed during the building of the kitchen and once the countertop is placed, the countertop support brackets are virtually invisible!

floating countertop brackets

Another bonus of hidden countertop support brackets besides being non-intrusive is the ability to have more room to add more bar stools or storage, all while adding the much-needed protection to your countertop investment that corbels do not provide. Corbels are pretty and have a place in some parts of the home for décor, but they do not protect against breakage of your countertop.

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Bracket for you

Whether you want a modern look or even a traditional kitchen there is a countertop bracket that is right for you. Here a just a small sample of hidden countertop brackets which give support to stone and wood countertops.

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