Let Your Inner Designer Shine With A Laundry Room Makeover!

Let Your Inner Designer Shine With A Laundry Room Makeover!

In recent years, homeowners have been eager to turn the parts of the house that center on chores into more pleasant areas that emphasize function and style. Laundry rooms top the list of the functional areas that homeowners want to transform into spaces they actually want to spend time in. So what’s trending in laundry room design? The Houzz Trending Now series offers a deep dive into what homeowners want in their upgraded laundry rooms. Here’s an overview. 

Color in Laundry Rooms

Largely white or neutral palettes are the most popular hues for laundry rooms, which is not surprising since most laundry rooms are on the small side — and brighter shades can help make a room feel more spacious. The trend towards white also makes sense for a room that’s all about getting stuff clean! 

But even with the trend toward white, bold colors are popping up in laundry rooms, especially on the cabinetry. Many people are hesitant to embrace colored cabinetry, but because laundry rooms (or mud rooms) are more contained, they are great places to experiment with color and have some fun design-wise.

Pattern in Laundry Rooms

Because laundry rooms are small, they are are the perfect place to experiment with pattern. Classic subway tiles are still a top choice for backsplash and walls, but homeowners who want to be more playful with their interiors are injecting some bold pattern to add dimension to what otherwise could be a monotonous room. And pattern doesn't end with the walls; bold patterned and geometric flooring can inject just the right amount of punch to make laundry chores a little more enjoyable. 

Natural Light in Laundry Rooms

Homeowners seem to be drawn to lots of natural light in these spaces—just one more way to make laundry chores more pleasant!


Appliances in Laundry Rooms

Even though homeowners are moving away from incorporating white appliances in their kitchens, white appliances are still big in laundry rooms. Most homeowners prefer front loading machines and we're seeing more side by side appliances rather than stacked appliances. And the majority of the side by side appliances are placed directly on the floor rather than raised up by either cabinetry or pedestals. That may change as more and more homeowners and designers understand the importance of reducing bending (an important element in homes designed for aging in place)

Pet Washing Station in the Laundry Room

Aside from being a fun feature, a laundry room pet washing station is functional. Is it over the top? If you have the space and the plumbing in place, why not? It's big hit with a lot of homeowners — with tens of thousand of them saving dog wash pics to their idea books on Houzz. 


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