Ditch the Legs & Corbels: Why You Should Float Your Countertop

Ditch the Legs & Corbels: Why You Should Float Your Countertop

Kitchen design is ever-evolving. That's why the kitchen design and remodeling business is thriving. Not only do certain styles and looks eventually become outdated (hello avocado appliances!), design elements that make your kitchen more functional come on the scene and suddenly, not only does your kitchen look outdated, but it feels functionally behind the times, too. 

There was a time in the not-too distant past when the only way to have an extended countertop was to support it with legs or corbels. The look aligns with the more traditional design styles, but the functionality is lacking. Plainly speaking, they get in the way. Have your ever knocked your kneecap on a corbel or leg? (Ouch!) How about accessing storage below? (Don't bang your head!). And while legs and corbels do add some support to that extended countertop, they really don't protect it all that well. Considering your countertop is likely one of the more expensive design elements in your kitchen, it's an investment worth protecting. 


Then, there's the look. According to the recent 2019 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, Shaker style cabinetry continues to be the top choice for cabinets, with 57 percent of renovating homeowners selecting them. The Shaker style cabinet is uniquely simple, featuring recessed panel doors, light finishes and basic hardware. Using cumbersome legs and corbels with a Shaker style island (or any look where simple, clean lines are the goal) seems contradictory to this simple style's intent. 

So, how do you support your extended countertop or bar top overhangs without bulky legs or corbels? Enter hidden support brackets!

Back in the days when we were in the granite fabrication and kitchen design business, we observed a new trend emerging: "floating" countertops — extended countertops that were supported by hidden brackets. The brackets are installed during the building of the kitchen, and once the countertop is in place, the countertop support brackets are virtually invisible!

As fabricators and kitchen designers, we loved the clean, modern look these brackets provided, and we appreciated the fact that they actually protected the heavy stone countertops from breaking. But they were hard to source, as not one U.S. manufacturer was making them. That was our lightbulb moment! Why don't we design and manufacture our own hidden countertop brackets? That thought soon became reality, and The Original Granite Bracket® was born.  All our brackets are made of premium American steel right here on U.S. soil. 


Images courtesy of Designs by Ebony.

We design and make a variety of brackets to not only only support extended overhangs, but also to support floating (wall-mounted) vanities, desks, shower benches, mantels, and more.

Here's a look at some of our Hidden Island Support Brackets. Whether you want a modern or contemporary kitchen or even a traditional or farmhouse look, there is a bracket that's right for your kitchen design. Click over to our product page for the full line up and be sure to reach out to us with your questions. We're here for you to make sure you get the right brackets for your project! 

The Hidden Island Support Bracket attaches to the front wall of the cabinet and will extend through the cabinet. This bracket is used when there is no knee wall or pony wall. 


The Knee Wall Hidden Countertop Support Bracket attaches to knee or pony wall

The T-Brace Countertop Support Bracket attaches to the back of the kitchen cabinet. This bracket lies across the cabinet, with half the bracket inside the cabinet and the other half will be hidden under the overhang. 

We can design Custom Support Brackets for longer, double, and triple sided overhangs. 

Custom Support bracket

The Original Granite Bracket® was first in hidden countertop support brackets and first in manufacturing strong brackets made of American Steel right here in the USA. Our brackets support countertops in places like Disneyland, American Express, Morgan and Stanley, and Johnson & Johnson. We're proud to have led the industry in supporting countertops with a new and innovative way. Check out our full line of hidden countertop support brackets here.


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