Do You Have a Digital Sous Chef in Your Kitchen?

Do You Have a Digital Sous Chef in Your Kitchen?

There's no doubt about it — voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri are changing the way we cook and use our kitchens. In fact, sixty-five percent of consumers say they use smart speaker based voice assistants while cooking, and the number one thing they use them for is researching recipes.

And as these voice assistants get smarter, they are increasingly earning their keep in our kitchens. Here's the breakdown of how homeowners* are using their voice assistants, according to recent research conducted by RICKI, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence:

  • Looking up recipes: 38%
  • Surfing the web while in the kitchen: 27%
  • Assistance with cooking: 20%
  • Online grocery shopping: 19%
  • Controlling kitchen lighting: 8%
  • Controlling kitchen appliances or faucets
  • None of these: 39%
*Among U.S. homeowners who use voice assistants. 

Voice activated assistants are pretty handy when your own hands are covered in flour or raw chicken or stuffed into oven mitts. From dictating recipes from your favorite food blogs to converting measurements and substituting ingredients, these gadgets make ideal sous chefs. Some other things voice assistants can do in the kitchen:

  • Give step by step recipe instructions
  • Find a wine pairing
  • Use multiple timers
  • Check on the status of your ingredients, e.g.,"Is the chicken chicken I bought last week safe to eat?"
  • Make a grocery list 

Interestingly, a big finding from recent research shows that voice assistants on smart speakers are used more than voice assistant apps on smartphones—despite their more limited accessibility. The same research shows only one use where voice assistants are used more frequently through smartphones, and that is while driving. Move over Siri, Alexa wins in the kitchen!

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