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the ultimate guide on kitchen organization

The Ultimate Guide on Kitchen Organization

A disorganized kitchen can make life stressful. Cooking for yourself or your family is much easier when your kitchen is neat and organized. A busy lifestyle can make keeping this part of your home clean a challenge unless you have the right decluttering plan in place. Thankfully, with a few simple tweaks and some habit-forming tips, you can master the art of kitchen organization. Read on for some helpful advice that will make decluttering and organizing your kitchen easy.

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shower bench bracket

Floating Shower Bench

More and more, designers and homeowners are adding and installing shower benches into bathroom showers. We do agree a shower bench gives you many benefits in a shower, yet a floating shower bench will allow you a sleek streamlined look all with the same strength as a box-style shower bench. So how do you achieve a floating shower bench in a shower? 

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dog wash room

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Did you know 63.4 million U.S. households own a dog?! That's crazy!! Are you one of the 63.4 million? If you are, this blog post is for you! The Original Granite Bracket has put together a small list of ways to make your home dog-friendly!

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