It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a floating piece of furniture!

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a floating piece of furniture!

Back in the day when we referred to 2020, we always said, "we will have floating cars by then," and while that is not true (yet!), floating has become a very popular element to add to the home! But what can you float and how do you float it? From entryway benches and shelves to your bathroom vanity, you can float it all! And how? After years of research and case studies, we have found the best brackets on the market to give the floating illusion, while confidently supporting your surface, is the Free Hanging Shelf BracketLarge Shelf Bracket, and Large Shelf Industrial Bracket. No project is too big or small. If you can dream of floating it, do it! Below are some ideas to add the floating element to your home!

Entryway Benches

Some families have a mudroom, or entryway bench for shoes, coats, umbrellas, dog leashes, etc., but sometimes these spaces can feel busy and cluttered. Floating your entryway bench is the perfect solution! Float the bench and add your shoes or storage below to help avoid the cluttered feel.

floating entryway bench

Open Shelving

Whether in a large or small space, shelves are extremely useful. Floating open shelves helps the space overall look more refined and cleaner. You won't see hardware or have hardware taking up room from the shelf below.

floating open shelving

Bathroom Vanities

If you are looking to give your bathroom a more modern, spacious look, floating your bathroom vanity is the way to go! They look less robust and feel light and delicate while preserving their functionality. You can also add fun elements underneath the vanity to elevate the space even more; add stones, rocks, storage, whatever you feel fits your overall vibe.

floating bathroom vanity


Looking for more space underneath your desk? Floating your desk is a great option. This gives you more space underneath for legroom and you don't have to worry about banging your knee on the legs of the desk or any hardware. Add storage, your PC, trash bins, even a mini fridge! Whatever you are looking to add under your desk, you now have the room for!

floating office desk

Float It All!

Whatever design aesthetic you are going for; modern, traditional, farmhouse, barnhouse, etc., or whatever piece of furniture you decide to float, you can make it happen! Find the space, find the furniture, grab your bracket, and get floating!

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