What Can We Expect to See in Kitchen Design in 2020?

What Can We Expect to See in Kitchen Design in 2020?

Open floor arrangements with fluidity between the different functional zones define the modern homes that complement today’s multidimensional lifestyles. A space configuration that allows homeowners and their families to combine food prep and dining with social and family-time activities has become de rigueur for many homebuyers and those seeking to renovate their existing homes. 

On a design level, these open configurations require the decor to relinquish unnecessary design elements in favor of a more minimalist approach that offers both function and style. What does mean for kitchen design? What can we expect to see in 2020? Here’s a look at the the kitchen design trends we can look forward to in the coming year. 

Luxe Materials

Contemporary kitchen design ideas and materials must combine stylish aesthetics with durable and functional finishes and material choices. And just because a more minimalist approach is in line with a modern family’s dynamics and their homes’ layouts, that doesn’t mean a well-designed, functional kitchen doesn’t rely on beautiful, and even luxurious materials.  In the spirit of “elegant functionality,” you’ll find savvy designers using precious and expressive materials to create a focal center in the kitchen design. Italian white marbles and sophisticated materials such as glass, bronze, and beautiful woods will all be taking center stage in 2020. 

Photo by York Fabrica Inc. "Statuario marble backsplash was fabricated by us to complete this minimalist black and white kitchen by Kirsten Marshall of Palmerston Design Consultants."

Dark Colored Kitchens are Still On-Trend

But this isn't the shining black kitchen surface paired with white laquer from the early 2000s. The dark kitchens of 2020 will be a modern-classic look with muted and matte surfaces. Exquisite dark stone and veined granite or marble will be dramatically layered with slight differences in hues that evoke a sense of "dark sophistication."

Color Trends

A dramatic and luxurious dark effect can be achieved in the kitchen with some hints of deep color. Rich blues and greens offer an intense presence that can be balanced and spiced up with elegant metallic accents. 

Let's not overlook the classic elegance of black and white for the upcoming design season. This combo provides a certain sophistication and expressive character to any kitchen configuration. Black and white can easily embrace the concept of "elegant minimalism." 

Oven as a Focal Point?

Yes! Not only practical, but also an attractive focal point for a stylish modern kitchen. Ovens (even 2 or 3 or 4!) integrated into a wall of cabinets can easily do double duty  as a decorative focal point. In some kitchen designs, these oven "walls" are emphasized even more with lighting installations surrounding them.

The Fifth Wall

When you want to maintain neutrality but still have some fun in the kitchen, don't forget the ceiling! A creative ceiling can completely change the look of a room, taking a space from so-so to stunning.

Minimalist Handles

When it comes to the hardware on your cabinets, less is more in 2020. Handles will frequently be hidden or unobtrusive and allow the natural wood or finish on the cabinets to take center stage.

Open Shelving is Still Strong

Open shelves allow you to showcase your beautiful kitchenwares among other heirlooms and collections. Plus, the ability to see through your storage also means everything is easy to find. (Check out our range of shelf brackets to safely support your open shelving, floating desks, cabinets, benches and more!)

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